My Special Angel
Bobby Helms (1957); The Vogues (1968); Bobby Vinton 1957
  (ESP 730)   Bill Harrison


Circle left
You are my special angel
Sent from up above

Left allemande, turn your partner right
Left allemande and weave the ring
You are my special angel
Swing that girl and promenade
I know that you're an angel
Heaven is in your eyes

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Heads (sides) square thru, four hands you go
Dosado the corner girl
Swing thru tonight, let the boys run right
Half tag, follow your neighbor & spread
Ladies trade, recycle round
Swing that corner, promenade
I'll have my special angel
Here to watch over me


Here to watch over me

One copy that we own is on vinyl, the other is on CD.

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