Am I Blue   (Bogan 1373)   Tommy White, David Davis

Circle left
Am I blue, yes, I'm blue
It started the day I lost you

Allemande that corner, run home do a dosado
Allemande left that corner, weave the ring
Is she gone, yes, she's gone
You swing the lady round and promenade
Look at the misery that I'm going through
Am I blue, yes, I'm blue

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads promenade go halfway round now
Walk in touch 1/4, boys run to the right
Swing thru that outside two and boys run again
Tag the line and face to the right my friend
Wheel & deal, box the gnat, then square thru 3/4 and go
Trade by and swing that corner girl, promenade
Nobody ever missed somebody like I do
Am I blue, yes, I'm blue


Am I blue, yes, I'm blue

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