Slaunch To Donegal
Bing Crosby 1942
  (Windsor 4483)   Don Armstrong


Allemande left, the ladies star the gentlemen promenade
Allemande left, the gentlemen star the ladies promenade
Allemande left in alamo style you balance up and back
Swing by the right go halfway round and balance round the track
Box the gnat then turn around, your corners allemande
It's a grand ol' right & left ye go to good ol' Ireland
You meet your maid and promenade go walkin' with Colleen
Promenade to Donegal and swing your Irish Queen


Head two couples square thru 4 hands round the set
Trail thru the outside two and when you meet your pet
Box the gnat and take a swing, swing that pretty girl
Face the middle and pass thru, then California twirl
All join hands and circle left halfway round will do
Swing the corner, corner swing, she's waitin' there for you
Then promenade around the ring you got a brand new pal
Take her home and swing again in dear ol' Donegal

This is the flip side of Windsor #4183 A.

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