Mrs. Johnson's Happiness Emporium
Burl Ives 1973
  (Blue Star 1977)   Nate Bliss


Circle left
*Mrs. Johnson said one day the world should be improved
Boarded up her town house, threw away the key and moved

Do an allemande left with the corner girl, then do a dosado
Allemande left the corner girl, then weave the ring you know
**Bought some land beside the sea, with trees and grass and sand
Meet that girl with a dosado, then promenade that land
Everyone's invited, so be sure to come
To Mrs. Johnson's Happiness Emporium

FIGURE    A1, unknown progression

1 & 3 you lead to the right and circle around that track
Break right out and you make two lines, forward 8 and back
Pass thru with a wheel & deal, outsides squeeze in
Star thru and double pass thru across that land
First two go left, the next go right and cross trail thru
Swing and whirl with a brand new girl, then promenade her too
Makes no different who you are, or where you're from
At Mrs. Johnson's Happiness Emporium


*You'll see Wall Street brokers, swinging on the garden gate
Happier than swinging deals, or reading ticker tape

**You'll see nuclear physicians, playing tic-tac-toe

*If you've got a hang-up, hang it back upon the shelf
Forget it, break away, do your thing and be yourself

**Mrs. Johnson's Happiness Emporium

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