L.A. International Airport
David Frizzell; Susan Raye; Shirley Myers (completely different lyrics) 1970
  (Jay-Bar-Kay 125)   John Hendron
two columns


Four ladies chain across, turn the girl and then
Join hands, circle left you know
Allemande left your corner, it's like a daisy chain
Go forward two...you're on your own
L.A. International Airport
Left allemande and dosado
Promenade around the ring now
Where those big jet engines roar

FIGURE    Mainstream - SSD Week 7, corner progression

Now 1 & 3 (2 & 4) you promenade, it's halfway around the ring
Lead to the right and circle to a line
Forward up and come on back, ladies chain across the track
Turn the girl and then, flutter wheel
Slide thru, square thru 3 hands
That corner lady swing and whirl
Left allemande and promenade her
*She don't love me anymore


*I won't see her anymore

*She don't want me anymore

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