Mighty Nice
Louis Armstrong (1955); Bobby Darin (1958); Ella Fitzgerald and many others 1928
  (Western Jubilee 561)   Mike Michele


1 & 3 go right & left thru, turn that lady round (backaway)
2 & 4 flutter wheel go full around the town
Sweep 1/4 then you square thru 3 hands
Allemande that corner then you weave around that land
Weave it in and out till you meet your maid
Dosado once around then you all promenade
Oh the line forms on the right babe
Now that Mack is back in town

FIGURE    MS - SSD Week 12, corner progression

1 & 3 square thru 4 hands around you go
Dosado the outside two, make an ocean wave you know
Swing thru and then you scoot back my friend, recycle
Swing that corner lady round
Allemande left new corners all
Then you weave around that hall
Weave it in and out then promenade
Promenade her, serenade her
Oh she's dancing with Mack the Knife

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