Ring Of Fire
Johnny Cash 1962
  (Jay-Bar-Kay 118)   John Hendron


Join up your hands, circle left around you go
Circle to the left around the ring and the corner swing
Allemande left and then do an allemande thar
Right & left and now gonna make a star and the men back up
Slip the clutch, left allemande and weave around the ring
When you meet, gonna dosado and promenade I sing
Oh, it burns, burns, burns, like a ring of fire
Like a ring of fire

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Head two go up to the middle and back, roll away
Star thru and star by the right that way, once around
Heads star left inside the land, once around
And then do the right & left thru, and now you turn that girl
You dive thru, pass thru, swing that corner girl
Left allemande, come back, promenade that girl
Oh, you promenade that ring to a ring of fire
To a ring of fire

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