FuzzyID: 128

*** In Progress ***
Never Called
Progression Not Validated
Timing and Flow Not Validated
Author:  Vic Ceder
Starts from:  Improper
Progression:  Normal
Difficulty:  Medium
Rating:  not rated
Calls used:  Big Oval, Mad Robin, Right & Left Thru

A1  Gents Left Allemande 1 & 1/2
Neighbor Swing
A2  Right & Left Thru & 1/4 More (for face CW as couples)
Ladies in front Mad Robin
B1  Big Oval promenade (CW)
Ladies Right Allemande 1 & 1/2 as Gents flip away and walk forward (CCW)
B2  Partner Balance + Swing

Verify dancers can meet partner.

If out at top or bottom, promenade with group.