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Details and history of .
 (reverse chronological order)

April 2010:

Technical Papers added.

February 2009:

Kanji Database added.

  • The Kanji Database currently contains 93 kanji characters.

December 2008:

Caitlyn's Pokémon Card Collection added.

  • Caitlyn's Pokémon Card Collection currently contains

October 2008:

Photo Archive added.

February 2007:

Caller Notes added.

January 2007:

Definition Flash Cards added.

November 2006:

Stan Winchester Singing Calls added.

August 2006:

Foster Cards added.

March 2006:

Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection added.

  • Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection currently contains

    • 317 beanies, representing 10 types.

September 2005:

More Definitions added. Previously named 'Definitions of Old Calls'.

November 2005:

Chocolate Bar Database added.

  • The Chocolate Bar Database currently references

November 2005:

Bande Dessinée Database added.

  • The Bande Dessinée Database currently contains

    • 634 books, representing 49 series.

March 2004:

Square Dance Resources Database added.

September 2002:

Club Database added.

  • The Club Database currently references
    1264 square and round dance clubs from 27 countries.

November 2001:

Experimental Calls and Concepts added.

February 2001:

Square Dance Article Co-op added.

  • The Square Dance Article Co-Op currently references 422 articles.

December 2000:

FAQ Database added.

Checker Cheats added.

Patter Sayings added.

November 2000:

Converted most our site from HTML to PHP.

October 2000:

Choreography Database added.

  • The database currently contains 9109 sequences.

April 2000:

Started multilingual versions of our Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts.

February 2000:

Record Database added.

  • The Record Database currently contains

    • 18540 records, representing 388 record labels.
    • 16851 sound clips.
    • 13908 cue sheets.
    • 4232 lyrics.

January 2000:

Event Database added.

  • The Event Database currently references 2584 events from 31 countries.

October 1999:

Caller and Cuer Database added.

  • The Caller and Cuer Database currently references
    1986 square dance callers and round dance cuers from 24 countries.

September 1999:

After exceeding our disk space allocation of 60MB, we upgraded our web host package for more disk space (100MB) and database access (MySQL via PHP).

February 1999:

Acquired the domain name ceder.net.

December 1998:

Homepage started on our ISP's server.


As of April 28, 2011, our website consists of:

 15  HTML files
 4631  GIF files (mostly diagrams for square dance definitions)
 6970  JPG files (pictures)
 18  JS files (javascript include files)
 1544  PHP files (PHP scripts)
 372  PHP INCLUDE files (INC scripts)
 28  RTF files (user manual for CSDS)
 25  TXT files (text files)
 25  DOC files (MS Word files)
 3  CGI files (PERL CGI scripts)
 4  CSS file (cascading style sheets)
 other files

Web Design

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  • SD-WebMasters is a web-based discussion list for webmasters of square dance related web pages.

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