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   1) increment tip number;
   2) keep an open tip flag in the tip data structures
  ID: 712

Use TipType():
   1) display qqch on tip display (e.g., STAR TIP C3A)
   2) Set it appropiately
   3) Allow for enumeration of Open Tips
  ID: 806

Condensed display: option to combine couples
  ID: 1314

Tip Display:  Add 'split' display with name list on left
and square pictures on right.  Add split screen icon as with
CSDS CFS to effect this mode.  Add splitter.
  ID: 560

Two new fields:
1) Do NOT PAIR WITH list (CSV dancer IDs) - dancers to avoid
2) PAIR WITH list (CSV dancer IDs) - dancers with pair with, if possible
Another way, perhaps:  Have a way to edit the number of 'times danced' with
another dancer, so that the operator can tweak it either direction to increase
or decrease the possibility of dancing with that dancer.
  ID: 1317

I'd like a 3rd Edit option "Edit in both rotation and database".  
Alternatively, have the Edit in Master dialog have a way of saying 
"also apply changes to the current rotation".  
That could either be in the form of a checkbox at the bottom, 
or a second Save button.  
  ID: 1376

Tip Display: If too many couples per screen, shift screen every 5 seconds.
  ID: 832

Be able to run from USB like CSDS!
  ID: 893

1) Do attendance records
2) Club roster database
3) Data mining from AACE
  ID: 958

> I just came back from Baltimore's festival. They used an interesting idea
that we might use. Sandie was there and she liked it as well. They gave
everyone preprinted 3x5 index cards. On the front they had printed "
Computer Squares". The next line was "WHEN LEAVING SIGN OUT" in Bold. The
next line was "Your Couple Number is" and space below to write in the
number. Below that was "Please Read The Reverse Side. On the reverse side
were all the rules for running the rotation, including keeping the same
number for the entire weekend, defining what a session was, when open tips
would occur, when you must sign in, rules for singles, when you must sign in
and again in large Bold letters "SIGN OUT WHEN YOU LEAVE.
> I just thought this might save the both of you and the computer operators
some wear and tear. I will bring the card I snitched to the callers school
and give to Barry and you can see and think about it.
  ID: 966

Put most registry values into the database, so that they are copied to another computer (on USB).
  ID: 1318

Add # of Couples per Set (i.e., 2, 3, 4, 6).  Each tip would have a NDancersPerSet field.
  ID: 1320

Master Database | Import:  check for duplicates.
  ID: 1325

or put into Settings.
  ID: 1326

Test with small screen size.
  ID: 1328

* On a related note, I like to use the Condensed Display most of the time, 
because I don't need to scroll it.  One of the things I do there is check 
people in as they arrive (change from Absent to Ready).  It would be nice 
if I could sort this display by couple, since I'll often be checking them 
in together.  I'm not asking for anything fancy, just a sort method that sorts 
by dancer name (as now), but then for each couple bubbles the lexicographically 
later partner up to immediately follow the earlier one.  Maybe that's weird?
  ID: 1380

If I tweak absent/sitout for half of a couple, 
and their partner was also absent, it should ask to do the 
same tweak to the partner.
  ID: 1382

Be able to read a QR code, and get all data for a dancer.
  ID: 1383

Have a web table, that AACE administrators can associate a number 
with a name so that operators can find the name associated with a number.
  ID: 1384

On edit dancer in master database...
if the dancer is in one or more rotations,
ask whether to update the dancers's info
in all rotations.
  ID: 1385

Keep more data for the original state of dancers
in the database so that I can debug issues better.
E.g., keep must dance / sitout requested as well
as desired partner, angle, student, and preference flags.
  ID: 1386

At AACE, color code the sign-in and sign-out sheets.
  ID: 1388

Fix issues with scanner not being able to read scan code from phone.
  ID: 1390
22-August-2018 01:52:55
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