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Remote access update to web:  
1) have a 'cancel' button,
2) do in the background, asynchronously
  ID: 1395

Implement 3 CSV lists in GenerateRotation
   1) PreferPartnerWith
   2) DoNotPartnerWith
   3) PreferSquareWith
   4) DoNotSquareWith
Also add to GLOBAL database (with global IDs),
which will be translated to local IDs when dancer
is added to local database.
  ID: 1401

Rotation window:
Add a new flag, RemovedFromRotationFlag, which causes the dancer
to be status absent, and not shown in the rotation window grids. 
1) Set all to Absent/ready/etc. will not affect these dancers,
   and a will output a note to that effect.
2) Have a menu option (and popup menu option) to 'Remove' 
   selected dancers, with an explanation that they will no
   longer be listed in the grids.
3) Have a 'Re-insert removed dancer(s)' menu option, which
   displays a list of removed from which operator can select  
   to change their RemovedFromRotationFlag to false.
4) Scanning the barcode or a removed dancer, for any reason, 
   should set RemovedFromRotationFlag to false.
  ID: 1403

Add option to view rotation on web via MyWebBrowser.
  ID: 1405

Tip Display | Comment at top: note about remote access, when on.
  ID: 1406

Option to display '-' or 'x' instead of 'Out'.
preference 'Out' text
  ID: 1412

Tip Display:  Add 'split' display with name list on left
and square pictures on right.  Add split screen icon as with
CSDS CFS to effect this mode.  Add splitter.
  ID: 560

   1) increment tip number;
   2) keep an open tip flag in the tip data structures
  ID: 712

Use TipType():
   1) display qqch on tip display (e.g., STAR TIP C3A)
   2) Set it appropiately
   3) Allow for enumeration of Open Tips
  ID: 806

Be able to run from USB like CSDS!
  ID: 893

Condensed display: option to combine couples
  ID: 1314

Have a way to edit the number of 'times danced' with another dancer, 
so that the operator can tweak it either direction to increase
or decrease the possibility of dancing with that dancer.
  ID: 1317

Put most registry values into the database, so they are copied to another computer (on USB).
  ID: 1318

Allow delete a rotation from the web, if created by their user key.
  ID: 1397

Dancer Table: admin function to insert into global database.
  ID: 1409

Also Update Partner? DIALOG BOX:
Convert to a form or RTF so that the partner name can be bold,
and I can have an icon or other stuff.
  ID: 1411

Add # of Couples per Set (i.e., 2, 3, 4, 6).  Each tip would have a NDancersPerSet field.
  ID: 1320

Dancer Table | Import Text:  check for duplicates.
  ID: 1325

or put into Settings.
  ID: 1326

Test with small screen size.
  ID: 1328

Condensed Display: 
I check people in as they arrive (change from Absent to Ready).  
It would be nice if I could sort this display by couple, since I'll often 
be checking them in together.  Just a sort method that sorts by dancer name
(as now), but then for each couple bubbles the lexicographically later partner 
up to immediately follow the earlier one.  
  ID: 1380

Be able to read a QR code to get all data for a dancer.
Requires a more advanced scanner.
  ID: 1383

At AACE, color code the sign-in and sign-out sheets.
  ID: 1388

Fix issues with scanner not being able to read scan code from phone.
Requires a more advanced scanner.
  ID: 1390

Have an option to partner specific dancers, every other tip (eg, for me + qqun).
  ID: 1393

Documentation: put scanner instructions on back of business card stock,
then attach barcode to front.
  ID: 1394

Get and include Barry's help file, convert to HTML or RTF.
DLA wants to edit it too.
  ID: 1398

  ID: 1400

Open Tip:  option to display a graphic instead of the text.
  ID: 1407

Tip Display: 
Add option to 'Generate Star Tip A' and 'Generate Star Tip B'.
  ID: 1413

Dancer Table:  Add option to import dancers from the 
dancer table in another database.  Of course, all
dancer IDs will be different, and it should skip
those with Global IDs that are already in the
destination dancer table.
  ID: 1417
14-December-2018 22:00:30
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