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Vic's To Do List
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CSDS  -->  Sequence | Edit [Graphics]

If I redo a snapshot, reprocess the sequence. I.e., keep a list of snapshot records modified. Also keep a list of those used in the current sequence. If a match, redo the sequence from that point. Then clear the list of modified records.

Write an UN function so a user can first move dancers to a given formation, then start un-doing calls. First prompt for ending formation, then set a flag that this is a 'backwards' sequence...

Add option to automatically highlight identifiers. Do it on Display | View | Print only. Don't modify the sequence database text. This setting can be enabled/disabled. This is equivalent to adding % and % around Boys, Girls, etc. before displaying, viewing, or printing the sequences.

CSDS requires a database to be selected before you can write a sequence. I have separate databases for different levels of difficulty (C3-EZ, C3-MED, C3-HARD). It would be nice if at that point there was a way to just save the sequence in a more appropriate database. Add a 'Move Sequence' function to Seq Edit | Graphics/Text Be able to change the database while you are writing the sequence so cut and paste isn't required. Do this if it's the last sequence in the database AND it's a new sequence.

If somebody enters something wrong, try a 'SoundEx' and suggest the correct spelling. (e.g., Mex, Almand Left) Initially just implement with single call names only.

Add "Write Protect" Option for sequence databases. If a sequence databases is "protected" , the database should be visible with a different color and can not be selected. in normal cases I would set most of my Sequence Databases to "protected" except the sequence databases I prepare for a dance. so I see only 4 sequence databases: short sequences , normal sequences , difficult sequences, etc. The protected sequences should be not visible in the grid "Edit sequence database" , because the protected sequence are finished. Have a checkbox to 'show protected databases'. The protected sequences should be editable from a Dance. If I use a sequence at a dance (call from screen) it should be possible to add a comment in the Command area (e.g. (Check a Galaxy) ...) Themann

Add menu options to search for the NEXT unproofread record: Find Db? Prev Db? Next Db?

Have s quick way, such as ZL or ZB to jump to a specific formation!

Add option to output '(fuzzy match)' or qqch for each line that was processed with a fuzzy match. I.e., let the user know when a fuzzy match was applied.

In the Sequence Heads Pair Off, Central Load The Boat (209,650), Partner Trade, Center Part Of Load The Boat (1748,650) Central Load The Boat uses Handles 209 and 650 and evaluates to C3B Center Part Of Load The Boat uses Handles 1748 and 650 and evaluates to PLUS in the Snapshot Database is no snapshot with the handles 1748 and 650. Csds uses the C3B version 209 and 650 instead. How does csds do that? I would like to have the same behaviour with "those diagonally facing Pass Thru) and "Jay Walk". the first expression should be evaluated to a lower level because I see it as a directional call and not as a C1-call. Uwe

Convert databases to a new MDB format. On open, convert and save old file as .V0. Define the new MDB structure.

Select Db + Index | Sequence tab | Add 'Star' checkbox.

Allow user to setup initial formation. E.g., setup a special formation and start there. Add a comment (first line in seq) such as (##1m;1l;etc.) where 1m is X,Y,F and 1l is X,Y,F, etc.

Find by P+C: If normal squared set, don't do the concept search ftt (perhaps make an option)

Have a way to "Move" (Save As) the current sequence to another database. (also in Seq Edit Text)

Display warning message is Non-Standard snapshot is used. (similar to the level warning message)

If bad parse, try replacing '5' with'%' and try again.
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