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Things To Do
CSDS - Music Player
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CSDS  -->  Music Player

For Winamp, when autoloop is on, and loop end is EOF, 
make sure that the music repeats!
*** Test on Lap or @Home ***  (Fails on Vista)
  ID: 229

Chronotron interface bug: change the tempo via the chronotron control,
then press the CSDS '=' button.
  ID: 230

Create 20/30 sec clips for all square dance records, 
including vocals, that can be put into the web record database as 'samples'.
  ID: 1201

Controls | Tempo:
Fix annoying bug that click left-arrow multiple times
does a continual scroll until mouse is moved off.
(debug on XP laptop?)
  ID: 1103

Fix issue that CrazyFrog.wav does NOT load well in Winamp 
(put into editor and re-save?)
  ID: 1195

Make the music player a separate process with a high system priority.
  ID: 228

Can CSDS set the Winamp priority?
  ID: 231

Get latest chronotron and implement it.
  ID: 235

Make sure all 3 music players can play from a CD.
  ID: 475

If the song is playing and a Marker is passed, highlight that marker. In 
this case the "Jump to" button would go to the last marker.

If no Markers are set for a singing call , display the default marks 
opener, figure1,.., closer like the previous versions.

  ID: 493

Vista bug: API player did a pause when I pressed rewind.
  ID: 528

Make the music player configurable:
1) User can change format/size.  The music player window can be
   a scalable that can also display the cue sheet.
2) Merge Music Player into CFS!  Merge the two forms together.
3) or, make a second music player, take common routines and put in a class.
  ID: 554

Shuping.  June 2009
Winamp 5.54? + XP.
The 'use Send Msg with Winamp' doesn't help.
Problem is that Autoloop jumps to Start then
just Stops (i.e., a Rewind)
  ID: 981

Maybe add a menu to the music player?
  ID: 1065

Have a way to set and test the volume level
of tip timer music independently of the music player volume.
  ID: 1082

Keep main CSDS window and Music List MINIMIZED when the cue sheet is displayed.  
What happens is that if I click on a cue sheet to come up from the Player or call from dance, 
it does, but when I click on player to start the song, the CSDS Window and DB Music come 
to front and cover up my cue sheet again.  I need to minimize those to leave me with 
cue sheet and player so I can start the song.  Gladson
  ID: 1180

Breakup and communicate via TCP/IP or DCOM?
(separate modules with new compiler?)
  ID: 1211

Display balance as N:N in grids?
Allow changes on Music Player.
  ID: 1212

Windows 7 + Winamp + csds volumne --> Master + Wave
  ID: 1213

Be able to define a searchlist, used to search for music files not found.

Or... in Edit Music Database, in the option to find bad files...
Add 'fix pathname option' and give a root folder from which to 
search for missing files & fix the pathname in the database if found.
  ID: 1218

Music Edit Item:
   Add drag (scroll) bar to volume and balance fields.
  ID: 1222

Do an EXTRA LARGE music player.  Perhaps full screen with tabs for Lyrics and Cue Sheet.
  ID: 1234

Look into NAudio, and LibZPlay.  
Download at home and try out.
  ID: 1256

@W, 3 winamp files in M:\TEMP
  ID: 1257

Infinite winamp problem:
   play an mp3; load/play crazyfrog.WAV
  ID: 1265

NAudio... an open source .NET audio and MIDI library.

Also look at lame.exe
  ID: 1294

Import Music Files:  Remove 'N' for Niagara.
  ID: 1353

12-November-2019 23:58:04
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