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Things To Do
CSDS - Miscellaneous
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CSDS  -->  Miscellaneous

On primary desktop, Run 'Sequence | Duplicates' and resolve the problems.
  ID: 120

On primary desktop, proofread all sequences and fill in missing snapshot entries.
  ID: 121

On primary desktop, fix all sequences with calls outside level.
  ID: 122

Make a 30-day DEMO version
   a) Use registry, file in SQDATA, and hidden file.  Put the current
      date in these 3 locations.
   b) All 3 files must exist with the same data.
   c) If current date is < saved data, then error.
   d) If current data is > date + 30 days, then msgbox
      "30 day trial period has expired."
  ID: 207

On primary desktop:  Go snapshot database, all records, setting priority (IP)
-- Start at Lock 'Em Up
  ID: 119

Convert as many modules into classes as possible.  (IP)
  ID: 204

Add timing data for singing call sequences.  (IP)
  ID: 210

When proofreading sequences [Proof All], and
'Call not found in snapshot database, add it?'...

Add a button to edit sequence text.  This should
only happen when F2 is checked (not when F1 or F3).
  ID: 213

On program exit, restore music level and mute to what it was on entry?
Make this a setting.
  ID: 408

Automatically generate getouts for 'Stretch', or 'Once Removed', or other concepts.
(i.e., from Out-Facing Lines: Stretch Crossfire to RLG/LA).
Be able to add a Prefix/Suffix as with Seq Edit Graphics Find Call.
  ID: 553

Add a way to do keyboard mapping.
I.e., some laptops do not have F11 and F12!
  ID: 1174

Remove the PICT DB file (fold into new seq database format)
  ID: 1271

Web Update | List Db: does NOT advance IP bar.
  ID: 1351

CSDS Web ChoreoDb:
  1) RM ALT tags from grid text?
  2) Add FIND DUP
  3) Other functions from web.
  ID: 1355

Have 2 usertypes: Novice & Expert
  ID: 209

Get 'Mexican Hat Dance' music.
  ID: 214

Allow users to subscribe to a web-based service that
sends auto-messages whenever CSDS and/or SQROT changes.
They can subscribe by 'major change only' or 'all changes'.
  ID: 218

Dave Harry is interested in remote control of CSDS.
  ID: 220

Always generate the formation pictures.
Remove the picture db file.
  ID: 1083

Write a routine to check for specific choreo errors: E.g.,
   1) R&Lth, Reverse Flwh;
   2) Centers SqTh 3, all T1/4;
   3) R&Lth, Lead Right.
  ID: 1096

Move the Record Database Cross Reference thing
off the website and into a private function within CSDS.
(convert the PHP file functionality into CSDS)
  ID: 1104

Validate Access: find out why it deletes Asc Leaders Run,
then can't execute it!
  ID: 1106

Had a 'checkers' mode, either standalone, or as part of Edit Seq Graphics,
where the user can edit a snapshot, to setup a formation
without actually making a snapshot.  (Richard Rosprim)
  ID: 1156

Have an easy way for users to backup databases (i.e., from main menu).
This would take databases and make a copy in, say, SQDATA\CSDS\backup\2014-01-24
  ID: 1228

Have an option, as on website, to print checkers.
User can select color, size, style, with or without R/L, etc.
  ID: 1229

Try to proofread a set of Seqs/GI/GO with Pausing!
  ID: 1231

Web Choreo Database: add...
   1) Consistent Capitalization
   2) Parse All
   3) Find Duplicates.
  ID: 1247

Error Trapping:
  Create an additional ExceptionRout3 routine...
    1) Put errors into MDB file (with View, Delete, etc.)
    2) Prompt user for additional explanation, comments, etc.
    3) Allow user to submit a TR or email message
  Could use existing routines with a couple of global variables:
    A) UseExtraProcessingFlag - to enable the above stuff
  ID: 1251

have a couple of configuration settings for music amplitude level
1) either prompt at program beginning (check box to enable this)
Have description (thursday night hilton) & percent amplitude (25%, 50%).
  ID: 1264

Permute - convert to MDB
  ID: 1276

PDB - only delete files if ALL were successfully imported.
  ID: 1338

  ID: 1339

Web Choreo Database: Be able to select SEVERAL, then File | Export to sequence database.
  ID: 1375

22-November-2019 17:58:16
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