Things To Do
CSDS - Dance

CSDS  -->  Dance

When opening a dance, scan for non-existent sequences.  If found,
prompt 'N seqs in dance, not found.  Do you want to remove them
from the dance?'.

Put into a history list, so they can be ordered.
Output large msgbox with all duplicate seqs listed.
  ID: 167

Add new fields:
  1) Money received.
  2) # of squares.
  3) Comments
  4) Records played (list of unique indices from record db) 
     [a separate record in DNC file?]
Also add these fields to the dates db.
  ID: 426

On re-do Dance Database, increase size of frame title.
  ID: 1048

Put the music history info into the dance file.
(wait until a REAL database)
  ID: 1105

Dance Template Manager:
  Have a way to move a frame to First, Previous, Next, Last
  ID: 1220

Dance Database:  Add field 'Shared program with...'
  ID: 1238

Add button at bottom for "Call from Screen" (as well as "Edit Dance" and "Cancel")
Toolbar: add "Proofread"
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