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 General Resources 

Square Dance New England   WEB SITE www.squaredancenewengland.com  

 Callers & Cuers 

Delaware Callers and Cuers  (from Caller and Cuer Database) Callers and Cuers: if you reside in Delaware and would like to be
listed here, please Add yourself to the Caller and Cuer Database.

Bradshaw, Joe  Wilmington
Basic thru A2
Beginners thru Plus
Kanniard, Larry (picture)  Camden-Wyoming
Basic thru Plus
Phelan, Chris  Wilmington
Basic thru C1
Toll, John and Pattie  Dover
Easy thru Phase V
Troiani, Elmo  Wilmington
Umbrecht, Don  Wilmington
Beginners thru Plus
Weiss, Ron  Newark
Basic thru Plus


Delaware Clubs  (from Club Database) Club Representatives: if your club dances in Delaware and
is not listed here, please Add your Club to the Club Database.

2X4 Square Dance Club - Newark  WEB SITE 2x4SquareDanceClub.weebly.com
Plus Dance, 2nd and 4th and 5th Fridays, 8-10:30 Plus and Rounds


Delaware Valley Federation of Square and Round Dancers   WEB SITE www.delvaldancer.org  

WASCA - Washington Area Square Dance Cooperative Association   WEB SITE www.wascaclubs.com  

 Upcoming Events 

Delaware Events  (from Events Database) Event Organizers: if your Delaware-based event is not
listed here, please Add your Event to the Event Database.

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