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 Callers & Cuers 

Baden-Württemberg Callers and Cuers  (from Caller and Cuer Database) Callers and Cuers: if you reside in Baden-Württemberg and would like to be
listed here, please Add yourself to the Caller and Cuer Database.

Borowski, Thomas (picture)  Ebersbach
A1 thru C3B
Bradl, Joachim  Schriesheim
Basic thru Mainstream, Easy thru Phase VI
Eden, Evelyn and Dieter (picture)  Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
Beginners thru Plus
Gagne, Dennis (picture)  Leonberg
Mainstream thru Plus
Gasser, Hans-Gerd (picture)  Schwaebisch Hall
Basic thru Plus
Geiger, Susanne and Jarmuth, Joerg (picture)  WEB SITE www.the-survivors.de  Stuttgart
Easy thru Phase IV
Hennecke, Andreas
Beginners thru Plus
Huell, Kim  Leingarten
Basic thru A2
Jähne, Markus (picture)  WEB SITE www.markus-jaehne.de  Hilzingen
Basic thru Plus
Johannisson, Alex (picture)  WEB SITE alex.gramophoneproductions.de  Donaueschingen
Beginners thru Plus
Kamm, Philipp (picture)  Bruchsal-Heidelsheim
Basic thru Plus
Kamm, Gerhard (picture)  Heidelberg
Beginners thru Plus
Konath, Marcel (picture)  Leimen
Beginners thru Plus
Krayer, Rolf (picture)  WEB SITE www.nawiegehtdas.de  Bruehl - Baden
Beginners thru Mainstream
Kromer, Joe S. (picture)  WEB SITE www.joe-kromer.de  VS-Tannheim
Basic thru A2
Kromer, Martin (picture)  WEB SITE martin.gramophoneproductions.de  Kirchheim a.N.
Beginners thru A1
Kutz, Robert  Stuttgart
Basic thru Plus
Mühlhauer, Michael (picture)  WEB SITE michael.squaredancemusic.de  Sulz a. N.
Beginners thru Plus
Mueller, Ellen (picture)  WEB SITE www.salt-creek-ghosts.de  Muellheim
Basic thru Plus
Reiff, Christian (picture)  WEB SITE christianreiff.de  Kirchheim unter Teck
Beginners thru Plus
Rieger, Thomas (picture)  Fellbach
Basic thru Plus
Rohrbach, Stefan  Brühl
Beginners thru A1
Schingen, Uli  Weil der Stadt
Basic thru A2
Sorge, Christian (picture)  Hemsbach
Beginners thru Plus
Sorge, Mareike (picture)  Hemsbach
Beginners thru Plus
Strauss, Michael (picture)  WEB SITE www.ostrich-m-tunes.biz  March
Basic thru Plus
Wallum, Martin "Ma3din" (picture)  Ditzingen
Beginners thru Plus
Weber, Wolfgang (picture)  WEB SITE www.chickendales.de  Salach
Easy thru Phase VI
Weber, Anni (picture)  WEB SITE www.chickendales.de  Salach
Easy thru Phase VI
Weresch, Juergen (picture)  Stuttgart
Mainstream thru A2
Wierer, Kurt A.  Bad Friedrichshall
Basic thru A2
Zwerenz, Dominic (picture)  Pforzheim
Basic thru Plus


Baden-Württemberg Clubs  (from Club Database) Club Representatives: if your club dances in Baden-Württemberg and
is not listed here, please Add your Club to the Club Database.

Bandits Ladenburg e.V. (logo) - Ladenburg  WEB SITE www.bandits-ladenburg.de
Plus Dance, Every Tuesday, 8:00pm-10:00pm
Black Forest Ghosts (logo) - Villingen-Schwenningen  WEB SITE www.black-forest-ghosts.de
Plus thru A1 Dance, Alternate Wednesdays, 8 pm
Breisgau Twirlers Freiburg (logo) - Freiburg  WEB SITE www.breisgautwirlersfreiburg.de
Basic thru Mainstream Dance, Every Monday, 7:00 PM - 9.30 PM
C-Lions Square Dance e.V. (logo) - Ostfildern  WEB SITE www.c-lions.eu
C1 Dance, Irregular Wednesdays, 7:30pm-10:00
Castle Ghosts SDC (logo) - Leingarten  WEB SITE www.castleghosts.de
Basic thru Mainstream Dance, Every Friday, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Dancing Wolves Mühlhofen e.V. (logo) - Uhldingen-Mühlhofen  WEB SITE www.dancing-wolves.de
Mainstream Dance, Every Wednesday, 8-10pm
Load Boat Dreamers - Müllheim  WEB SITE www.load-boat-dreamers.de
Beginners thru Plus Dance, Every Sunday, 4:00pm-6:30
nawiegehtdas.de - Bruehl  WEB SITE www.nawiegehtdas.de
Mainstream Dance, 2nd Thursdays, 8:00pm-10:00
Neckar Valley Dancers - Neckarsulm  WEB SITE www.neckar-valley-dancers.de
Beginners thru Plus Dance, Every Monday, 7:00pm-8:00pm plus; 8:00pm-10:00pm mainstream
Offenburg SDC (logo) - Offenburg  WEB SITE www.sdc-offenburg.de
Beginners thru Mainstream Dance, Thursdays, 8:00pm-10:00pm
RDC Chickendales (logo) - D-73054 Eislingen  WEB SITE www.chickendales.de
Easy thru Phase IV Round Dance, Every Tuesday, 20h to 22h
Rhythm Rebells e.V. (logo) - Hilzingen   WEB SITE www.rhythm-rebells.de
Mainstream Dance, Every Monday, 8:00-10:00pm
Rolling-Points (logo) - Balingen  WEB SITE rolling-points.de
A1 Dance, Sundays, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm, 2 times a month
Salt Creek Ghost - Heitersheim - Gallenweiler  WEB SITE www.salt-creek-ghosts.de
Beginners thru Mainstream Dance, Every Thursday, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Schwaebisch Sweethearts SDC e.V. - Schwaebisch Hall  WEB SITE www.sdc-sweethearts.de
Basic thru Mainstream Dance, Every Sunday, 18:00-20:00 dance
SDC Coconuts (logo) - 73575 Leinzell  WEB SITE www.coconuts-sdc.de
Mainstream thru Plus Dance, Every Friday, 20h to 22h
Staufen Knights e.V. (logo) - D-73084 Salach  WEB SITE www.staufen-knights.de
Basic thru Plus Dance with Easy thru Phase III Rounds, Every Wednesday, 20:h to 22:h
Stuttgart Strutters SDC - Stuttgart  WEB SITE www.stuttgart-strutters.de
Beginners thru Mainstream Dance, Every Wednesday, 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm dance
Stuttgarter Rebläuse Square Dance Club e.V. - Stuttgart  WEB SITE www.reblaeuse.de
Mainstream thru A1 Dance, Thursdays, 8:00pm-10:30pm
Texas Armadillos (Defunct) (logo) - Heidelberg
Beginners thru Plus Dance, Sundays, TBD
The Diggers e.V. Pforzheim - Enzkreis (logo) - Pforzheim   WEB SITE www.the-diggers.de
Mainstream Dance, Every Thursday, 7.30 pm - 9:45 pm
Very Hot Square Dancers e.V. (logo) - Oberndorf a.N.  WEB SITE www.very-hot-square-dancers.de
Mainstream Dance, Every Monday, 7:30 pm

 Upcoming Events 

Baden-Württemberg Events  (from Events Database) Event Organizers: if your Baden-Württemberg-based event is not
listed here, please Add your Event to the Event Database.

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