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 Callers & Cuers 

Taiwan Callers and Cuers  (from Caller and Cuer Database) Callers and Cuers: if you reside in Taiwan and would like to be
listed here, please Add yourself to the Caller and Cuer Database.

Chen, Nancy (picture)  Taipei
Beginners thru C1
Cheng, Andrea (picture)  WEB SITE sdaroc83.blogspot.tw  Taipei
Basic thru C1, Phase I thru Phase III
Shu, Grace (picture)  Taipei
Beginners thru Plus


Taiwan Clubs  (from Club Database) Club Representatives: if your club dances in Taiwan and
is not listed here, please Add your Club to the Club Database.

Ant Squares (logo) - Taipei  WEB SITE antsquares.blogspot.tw
Basic thru C1 Workshop with Phase I thru Phase III Rounds, Every Sunday, Sunday 1-5pm MS-A2; Monday 9-12am A2-MS; Thursday 9-12 am Basic & RD; 5-10pm MS-C1
Seasons square dance club - Taipei
C2 thru C3B Workshop, Every Tuesday, 19:00 to 21:00

 Upcoming Events 

Taiwan Events  (from Events Database) Event Organizers: if your Taiwan-based event is not
listed here, please Add your Event to the Event Database.

October 5 to 6, 2019  Saturday - Sunday
Antsquare 20th Anniversary Party  Taipei
Squares: Buddy Weaver, Masaru Wada 
Squares:  Mainstream, Plus, A2, C1, C2
Rounds:   Phase II, Phase III

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