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Silver Sounds 161
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Kids Of The Baby Boom
Silver Sounds 161
ID: 358

TypeSinging CallSilver Sounds
WEB SITEWeb site for "Silver Sounds"
Label information
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Vic's Rating4 (good)
Media45 rpm vinyl

Don Brown
Don Brown
Cue Sheet

OPENER    Mainstream

Sides face, grand square
Our fathers fought the war then came home to our moms
They gave them so much love that all us kids were born
We all grew up on Mickey Mouse and hula hoops
Then we all bought BMWs and new pickup trucks

Four ladies chain straight across the ring
You turn the girl and chain them home again
Promenade, kids of the baby boom

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Heads pass thru and do a partner trade
Square thru 4 hands go with your maid
Swing thru, boys run right, do a ferris wheel
Centers veer left, centers cross fire, do a walk & dodge
Swing that corner, promenade the ring
Remember the first man on the moon
Kids of the baby boom


Walk around that corner, turn the partner left
Head ladies center, teacup chain around the set
(16 beats of music or fill with patter cues)
Baby boom, we got freedom we got money
Baby boom, promenade your honey
*Our optimism mingles with the doom
*Kids of the baby boom


*A generation screaming for more room
*Kids of the baby boom

*We watched John Kennedy die one afternoon
*Kids of the baby boom


Swing her nice and easy
Baby boom

Handle List
1432  Side(s) IDENTIFIER
473 Face (dir) [Mainstream]
548 Grand Square [Basic]
1482 4 (number)
622 Ladies Chain (fract) [Basic]
1482 4 (number)
622 Ladies Chain (fract) [Basic]
782 Promenade (fract) [Basic]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
735 Pass Thru [Basic]
1175 Trade [Basic]
1058 Square Thru (n) [Basic]
1482 4 (number)
1121 Swing Thru [Basic]
1435 Boy(s) IDENTIFIER
891 (anyone) Run [Basic]
1472 Right DIRECTION
486 Ferris Wheel [Basic]
1442 Center(s) IDENTIFIER
1261 Veer (Right|Left) [Basic]
1442 Center(s) IDENTIFIER
320 Cross Fire [Plus]
1267 Walk & Dodge [Mainstream]
1463 Swing (Your Partner|Corner) [Basic]
1430 Promenade Home [Basic]
1453 Walk Around The Corner [Basic]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
1436 Girl(s) IDENTIFIER
1154 Teacup Chain [Plus]
1463 Swing (Your Partner|Corner) [Basic]

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