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Faster Horses
Red Boot 207
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Faster Horses
Red Boot 207

ID: 3119

TypeSinging Call
Label information
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Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl

Ralph Silvius
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Cue Sheet


Walk all around the corner, see saw with your pet
Boys star by the old right hand once around that set
Pick up your partner with an arm around star promenade
Girls turn around, left allemande, weave around the ring
Faster horses, younger women
Dosado then you're gonna promenade
Faster horses, younger women
Older whiskey, and more money

FIGURE    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

Head couples promenade 3/4 round you go
The sides swing thru, turn thru you know
Dosado the outside two, make an ocean wave
All 8 circulate, swing thru
Boys run, couples circulate
Half tag, swing this new girl, promenade
Faster horses, younger women
Older whiskey, and more money


Lyrics are provided for informational and educational purposes only. Lyrics are
subject to all U.S. copyright laws and remain property of their respective owners.

Faster Horses

He was an old-time cowboy, don't you understand?
His eyes were sharp as razor blades; his face was leather-tanned
His toes were pointed inwards from a-hangin' on a horse
He was an old philosopher, of course

He was so thin I swear you coulda used him for a whip
He had to drink a beer to keep his britches on his hips
I knew I had to ask him 'bout the mysteries of life
He spit between his boots and he replied:


It's faster horses -- younger women -- older whiskey -- more money!

He smiled and all his teeth were covered with tobacco stains
He said "It don't do men no good to pray for peace and rain
'Peace and rain' is just a way of sayin' prosperity
And buffalo chips is all it means to me.

I told him I was a poet; I was searchin' for the truth
I do not care for horses, whiskey, women or the loot
I told him I was a writer; my soul was all afire
He looked at me and said "You are a liar."

CHORUS (repeat)

Well, I was disillusioned, if I may say the least
I grabbed him by the collar and I jerked him to his feet
There was something cold and shiny a-layin' by my head
So I started to believe the things he said.

Now my poet days are over, and I'm back to bein' me
As I enjoy the peace and comfort of reality
If my boy ever asks me what it is that I have learned
I think that I will readily affirm:


Lyrics by Tom T. Hall. 


Callers note: you may use things of your choice in place of faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, more money. Suggestions: Pepsi Cola, Colonel Saunders, pizza parlors, etc.

ID: 3119
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