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Cotton-Eyed Joe / Salty Dog Rag
4-Bar-B 6060
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Cotton-Eyed Joe / Salty Dog Rag
ID: 15200
   Side A  
   Side B  

Label information
Grid list of 4-Bar-B recordings
TypeRound (two-sided)
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
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Cue Sheet side A

START: Couples or lines; hands joined or arms around waist.

1) Cross, Kick
2) Back, 2, 3
3) Cross, Kick
4) Back, 2, 3
5-8) Repeat 1-4
9-16) Eight forward two-steps (with vigor)


Cross, Kick - With weight on left foot, cross right foot over left, swing right toe out in front with upward motion.

Back, 2, 3 - Step back right, left, right.

Cross, Kick - With weight on right foot, cross left foot over right, swing left toe out in front.

Back, 2, 3 - Step back left, right, left.

Repeat measures 1-4.

Eight forward two-steps - Right two-step, left two-step, etc. right forward, close left to right, forward right, forward left, close right to left, forward left, etc.

Dance starts again

Cue Sheet side B

START: Start right foot - couples in promenade position.

2 vine brushes - (4 counts each - to the right then left) step-lift/slide, step-life/slide, step-lift/slide, step-lift/slide, (forward).

Repeat all of the above one more time.

Vine brush (man) - to the right - end with left hands joined.

Vine brush (lady) - roll left across in front of man to his other side and face in opposite direction - end with left hands joined.

Step-step-step-lift/slide - Both 360° left face roll, ending on opposite sides with left hands joined.

Step-life/slide, step-lift/slide, step-lift/slide, step-lift/slide (turning 360° right hand star).

Vine brush - to the right, passing "nose-to-nose" - catch left hands

Step-step-step-lift/slide - Both 360° left face roll, ending on opposite sides with right hands joined.

Step-lift/slide, step-life/slide, step-lift/slide, step-lift/slide (turning right hand star - except lady "U" turn at end to be in promenade position).

Keep repeating dance from the beginning to end of music.

Vine brush - step (out to side) - step (cross in back) - step (out to side) lift/slide (4 counts)


Lyrics are provided for informational and educational purposes only. Lyrics are
subject to all U.S. copyright laws and remain property of their respective owners.

Cotton-Eyed Joe Lyrics ID: 1877

Way back yonder a long time ago
Daddy had a man called Cotton-eyed Joe
Blew into town on a travelin' show
Nobody danced like the Cotton-eyed Joe.

Cotton-eyed Joe, Cotton-eyed Joe
Where did you come from?
Where did you go?
Where did you come from?
Where did you go?
Where did you come from Cotton-eyed Joe?

Mama's at the window
Mama's at the door
She can't see nothin' but the Cotton-eyed Joe

Daddy held the fiddle,
Held the bow
He beat the hell out of Cotton-eyed Joe

Made himself a fiddle,
Made himself a bow
Made a little tune called the Cotton-eyed Joe

Hadn't oughta been
For Cotton-eyed Joe
I'da been married some forty years ago.

Whenever there's a dance
All the women want to go
And they all want to dance with Cotton-eyed Joe

Daddy won't say
But I think he know
Whatever happened to Cotton-eyed Joe

Lyrics by unknown.
Recorded by Bob Wills; Adolph Hofner and His San Antonians; many others.



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