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Lucky Ramble
Lucky 20
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Lucky Ramble
Lucky 20

ID: 13418

TypeSinging Call
Label information
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Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl

Don Shotwell
Old Call(s)
Cue Sheet


1 & 3 (2 & 4) lead to the right and circle round you go
Without a stop you all join hands and circle round you know
Four ladies roll a half sashay, you circle round and then
Ladies center men sashay, you circle round again
Allemande left your corner, your partner curlique
Men run right, left allemande, then promenade your Sue
Promenade your honey, you know that it's no gamble
Well swing her, you've done the Lucky Ramble

FIGURE    C4, corner progression

1 & 3 (2 & 4) curlique, boys run right you do
Step right up to an ocean wave, swing thru two by two
Boys run to the right, wheel & deal to face that two
Pass thru and clover flow, go walking round the ring you go
Pass thru, trade by, that lady swing
Allemande left new corner, then promenade the ring
Take this lady home around the ring you amble
You're doing the Lucky Ramble

FIGURE (ALTERNATE)    Mainstream, R-H lady progression

1 & 3 (2 & 4) you flutter wheel across the ring you go
Sweep 1/4, pass thru and then a dosado
Make an ocean wave and balance forward up and back
Scoot back and when you're through, swing thru go two by two
Centers trade, turn thru, trade by and then
Swing the next one round and round and promenade again
Promenade this lady around the ring you amble
Swing her, you've done the Lucky Ramble



ID: 13418
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