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Am I Blue
Bogan 1373
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Am I Blue
ID: 10250

Label information
Grid list of Bogan recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating4 (good)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Tommy White     recordings by Tommy White
David Davis (picture)     recordings by David Davis

David Davis

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Cue Sheet


Circle left
Am I blue, yes, I'm blue
It started the day I lost you

Allemande that corner, run home do a dosado
Allemande left that corner, weave the ring
Is she gone, yes, she's gone
You swing the lady round and promenade
Look at the misery that I'm going through
Am I blue, yes, I'm blue

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads promenade go halfway round now
Walk in touch 1/4, boys run to the right
Swing thru that outside two and boys run again
Tag the line and face to the right my friend
Wheel & deal, box the gnat, then square thru 3/4 and go
Trade by and swing that corner girl, promenade
Nobody ever missed somebody like I do
Am I blue, yes, I'm blue


Am I blue, yes, I'm blue

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Am I Blue Lyrics ID: 502

Am I blue
Yes I'm blue
It started the day I lost you
Nobody ever loved somebody like I do
Am I blue
Am I blue

Just this mornin'
over coffee
I sat there cryin'
cause you're gone, long gone
I didn't know just how much
I was gonna miss you
till I spent my first night alone
Am I blue
Yes I'm blue
How could I have been such a fool
Now look at all the misery I'm going through
Am I blue
Am I blue
Tried to call and say I'm sorry
I couldn't get you on the line
You'll never know just how much
I'm wishin' you would show up
and say you've changed your mind


Lyrics by David Chamberlain.
Recorded by George Strait.



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