Frequency Counts of Square Dance Calls
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Vic Ceder's Frequency Counts
(generated by the Ceder Square Dance System)

General Information

  • A Frequency count shows how many times each particular call or concept is used within a set of sequences.
  • Using the above frequency counts, you can determine which calls that Vic uses the most or the least often at each particular level.
  • The data in the above frequency counts is the sum of counts for all sequences that Vic has written within the past 5 years for each particular level.

What Good is a Frequency Count?

  • For Dancers
    • If you're new to a level, a frequency count can help you decide which calls and concepts to study. Concentrate on learning those calls and concepts that are used the most often.
    • If you're planning to attend one of my dances at a particular level, you could scan the frequency count for that level to make sure that you know how to do all the calls that I call. This is especially true at C4, since different callers tend to use different calls.

  • For Callers
    • If you're teaching a class, a frequency count could be used to help determine your teaching order.
    • Making a frequency count of your own material allows you to determine which calls you neglect to use, and which calls you overuse. Sometimes the results aren't obvious.
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