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Tempo and Pitch
  1. CoolEdit2000 - changing tempo and pitch
  2. Product for pitch and tempo shifting
  3. Slowing down music on pitch with i-mac laptops
    CoolEdit2000 - changing tempo and pitch
    I downloaded the full version of CoolEdit 2000 a few days ago.

    I was under the impression that it could be used to change tempo and/or key before making a CD, MD or MP3 of a song. But, I can't find those options anywhere on any of the menus. I have some SD singing calls that are either the wrong speed or the wrong key or both for me that I would like to re-record for my use. Can I do that with CoolEdit?

    Or do I just have the wrong product? Is there a right product for what I am trying to do?

    Starting from the CoolEdit2000 menu...

    To change speed,

    1. select 'Transform | Time/Pitch | Stretch...';
    2. in the 'Constant Stretch' tab, go to the 'Stretching mode' frame and select 'Time Stretch (preserves pitch)'
    3. Change the 'Ratio' field to a new value (e.g., 110 increases the speed by 10%) and click the 'OK' button.

    To change pitch,

    1. select 'Transform | Time/Pitch | Stretch...';
    2. in the 'Constant Stretch' tab, go to the 'Stretching mode' frame and select 'Pitch Shift (preserves tempo)'
    3. Change the 'Transpose' dropdown list to a new value (e.g., each 'b' step lowers the key by a flat, each '#' step raises the key by a sharp) and click the 'OK' button.

    You probably have to experiment a bit to get the desired pitch and tempo.

    ID: 256
    Product for pitch and tempo shifting
    Do you recommend a specific product for pitch and tempo shifting or/and cleaning up the music. I am currently using GoldWave which does a good job with pitch and tempo, but it changes the tempo when I do the pitch shift and visa versa. I haven't found a good program for cleaning the music up. I currently record off of my home stereo with my Achros Jukebox MP3 and then I need to pitch or tempo shift just about every song. My Hilton 300 doesn't produce a clean enough signal. I also found recording to my laptop I couldn't get a clean enough recording (I probably need a better sound card). Of course I may not need to temp shift once I have your CSDS system, but I am sure I will still use my Jukebox.

    I do not have any experience with GoldWave. I looked at their web site, nd they appear to have a good product. I use CoolEdit2000, whose functionality is probably similar to GoldWave. With CoolEdit, I go to the menu item entitled 'Transform | Time/Pitch | Stretch...'. This invokes a dialog box which allows me to do all sorts time/pitch changing (most of which I haven't tried). In any case, there is a set of radio buttons that allow me to select between 'Time Stretch (preserves pitch)', 'Pitch Shift (preserves tempo)', and 'Resample (preserves neither)'. It works fine.

    When playing music via CSDS, I use the Winamp plugin 'Chronotron II' to change the tempo without changing the pitch.

    ID: 278
    Slowing down music on pitch with i-mac laptops
    I am a music teacher looking for a program which would slow down recorded music but keep it on pitch. All students at my school have i-mac laptops with CD drives.

    Such devices exist on their own which record about 10-20 seconds on an internal memory, and then somehow double all the digital information so that it can be player at 1/2 speed but remains on pitch. This is a real help to musicians who play by ear but I suspect a special device for this purpose is now archaic.

    I have used tape players which lower the pitch by one octave, but I'm assuming there is better technology today.

    Any idea what such technology is called and if there is software which accomplishes this?

    I suggest you search the web for:

    www.soundjam.com and www.macast.com

    These are software products that allow you to play music (mp3 and other formats) on a MAC. You should look to see if either product can change speed without changing pitch. This is probably done via a "plug-in".

    Kris Jensen writes:

    • Soundjam won't do it, as far as I know.
    • However, there is a program called Amazing Slow Downer that does exactly what the questioner wants. S/he can check at www.versiontracker.com for the latest version.

    ID: 16

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14-November-2019 21:27:37
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