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Computer Cards
  1. How do I use computer cards?
  2. Where do buy computer cards
    How do I use computer cards?
    Computer sq dance cards I c the cards but where is the information on how to use?

    What you want can be found here: http://www.ceder.net/sqrot/sqrot_cards.php Follow the instructions under How To Use to print off the set of cards that will be useful to you. For instance, if you think you will only need cards for up to 25 couples and you will only need to rotate them through 8 tips in an evening, print off the first link: 5 to 25 couples, 8 tips.

    Once you have them printed, cut the paper so that each card is separate (one for Couple #1, one for Couple #2, etc.). In the upper left hand corner of each card is the couple number (e.g., 1) and then a separator character ( | ) and then a series of numbers across the top (in this example, 5 through 25). These numbers across the top indicate the number of couples at the dance. Along the left-hand side are a series of letters, A through D and then E through H. These letters represent the tips (8 tips total, designated by A-H).

    At the dance, you hand out the cards in order to the couples who are there (in other words, don't hand out the cards for Couple #2, Couple #6, Couple #13 randomly), Couple #1 to the first, Couple #2 to the second, etc. If you have singles, you will need to have them pair up in some fashion and hand a card to only one person representing a couple.

    Each tip will be assigned a number and a letter. This combination of number and letter should be announced to the dancers prior to squaring up. The first tip will be A and the number will be the number of couples at the dance. So, if you have 18 couples at the dance, the first tip will be 18A. Each dancer now looks at his/her card under the 18 column and the A row. At the intersection of 18 and A on each card is either a number or a dash (-). A dash indicates that the couple is to sit out that tip. A number indicates the number of the square in which they should square up. Typically, squares are numbered starting from the caller's left as they view the squares. Each tip progresses in this way, with the next tip being 18B, 18C, etc.

    Dancers are to keep the card for the duration of the time they are at the dance. If a couple chooses to leave a dance early, they are to turn in their card to the organizer of the dance, who then will need to announce a change in the number of couples at the dance. Say, for example, that the couple holding the Couple #4 card decides to leave early. They turn in their card to the organizer, who then will call for the couple who is holding the highest number card (in this example, Couple #18) to come forth and trade cards. Couple #18 now turns in their card, receives the Couple #4 card in exchange, and the number of the tips will now be 17, rather than 18. At the conclusion of the dance, the organizer collects all cards from all dancers. Some clubs laminate a set of cards so that they are easy to keep nice and reuse time and time again.

    This is one way to rotate dances through squares manually. There are other methods as well. In addition, square rotation programs have been written by a number of different people to do the same thing dynamically using a computer at the dance. One of the programs that is in use was written by Vic Ceder and can be purchased here: http://www.ceder.net/sqrot.php

    last modified: 15-May-2016   ID: 774
    Where do buy computer cards
    I am looking for couples computer cards for 25 squares or more would appreciate if you would let me know if you have these for sale etc.

    I sell a program, the Square Rotation Program (SQROT), that can generate computer cards. The price is $25. More information is available at http://www.ceder.net/sqrot.php

    I have 3 sets of computer cards on the web, available for downloading for free at http://www.ceder.net/sqrot/sqrot_cards.php

    Please also check out the Square Rotation Program | Other Questions section of our FAQ database.

    last modified: 26-July-2008   ID: 187

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