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Learning Aids
  1. Animated calls
  2. Burleson's Square Dance Encylopedia #1
  3. Burleson's Square Dance Encylopedia #2
  4. C-1 Teach Tapes
  5. C-2 Tapes and Videos
  6. CDs with calls
  7. Checkers
  8. Computer Program to show calls
  9. Dance camp
  10. Instructional tapes
  11. Magnetic figures
  12. Movements
  13. Sets In Order
  14. Two Couple C1 Tapes
  15. Video tapes
    Animated calls
    Is there a computer program that I can plug in a call and watch how it affects the square? Possibly a square dance calling program that replaces what our old callers wife said about Jim "having little dolls that he moved around" to work out calls.

    Most other checker-moving programs (including my own, CSDS) display before and after pictures for each call. There is no animation.

    A couple programs attempt animation, but they do so only for the most vanilla positions of the calls. I don't have much information on them. You might look at the links on our 'Square Dance Software' page, http://www.ceder.net/links/software.php

    last modified: 19-May-2007   ID: 673
    Burleson's Square Dance Encylopedia #1
    A friend of mine has an encylopedia of square dance calls authored by a Bill Burleson. In several cases it has proven to be a most inclusive source of information, coming up with the answers when other authorities have fallen by the wayside. She says she purchased it on E-bay and the contact information in it have been dead ends.

    I would like to acquire a copy and wonder if you can provide me with any leads to a source.

    You should be able to obtain a copy of the Burleson's Encylopedia from Palomino Records ( http://www.palominorecords.com/sd/booksdBurl.htm ) or from the Western Square Dancing website Dosado.com ( http://www.dosado.com/ ).

    Although the Encylopedia is the most inclusive source we have for square dance calls, unfortunately the definitions are often poor quality, especially for the calls used at the challenge levels.

    If you're looking for historical calls, Burleson's is a decent resource. A much better book (in my opinion) is Jay King's Glossary, which unfortunately is no longer in print.

    For the advanced and challenge levels, there are much better definition books available (including our own Ceder Chest Square Dance Definition books).

    You can also download definition sets from the Callerlab website ( http://www.callerlab.org/ ).

    ID: 172
    Burleson's Square Dance Encylopedia #2
    We would like to buy a copy of Burleson's encyclopedia for our caller who has been looking for one for years. I haven't had any success locating one. Any ideas about where to check?

    1. Go to Palomino Records's web site (http://www.palominorecords.com/) and click on 'Square Dance (Products Directory)' then click on 'Square Dance Books'. You'll find it in the list there. (http://www.palominorecords.com/sd/booksdBurl.htm).
    2. Go to Western Square Dancing's web site (http://www.dosado.com/) and click on the 'Books' link under 'Caller's Corner' (navigation area on the left hand side). From there, click on 'Complete Listing of Square & Round Dance Books' (http://www.dosado.com/sdpubs.htm) where you will find it listed.

    ID: 224
    C-1 Teach Tapes
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know where I could purchase C1 Teaching Tapes. They would have to be posted to England.

    You could contact RHC Enterprises. Their web site is http://www.quiknet.com/~rhc/

    A couple of years ago, in Plon Germany, we recorded the C1-teach. Callers were myself, Dave Wilson, and Lars Asplund. The series should be available from RHC Enterprises as I sent them a copy. The series may also be available from Steffan Mauring in Hamburg Germany.

    ID: 181
    C-2 Tapes and Videos
    Do you sell C-2 tapes and/or C-2 videos and, if not, could you give me some names, addresses, and phone numbers of persons or corporations that DO sell C-2 tapes or videos?

    I don't know of anyone who sells C-2 videos.

    Dick Cook (RHC Enterprises) has some of my C-2 tapes.

    ID: 237
    CDs with calls
    We are fairly new to square dancing - we are taking lessons (Plus level). We recognize we need to practice, practice and practice actual dancing and we are trying to do just that, but we can't find music! Specifically, we've gotten 3 other couples to agree to meet twice a week in our home to practice, and now I am looking for music.

    I can only deal with CD's and/or MP3 or WAV files, if it is possible to download songs with calls. Do you have any ideas? Can I join your site and download what we need (for a fee, I assume?). That would be ideal, because then I can make a CD for practicing!

    As a general rule, we don't sell music. We also don't have a fee for joining, as our site is 'free', and there isn't anything to join. We are primarily an information site, although we sell definition books for upper levels, and a couple of computer programs.

    You can buy CDs with square dance calling from some callers, and or music producers.

    Record dealers (also selling CDs and MP3) can be found via

    Also, check out the web sites of music producers, as some of them sell CDs. For example,

    A list of music producers can be found at

    Being a caller myself, you can download a few samples of me calling at my local Plus club at

    ID: 456
    Where can I purchase some Square Dance Checkers?

    Square Dance Checkers (also known as Choreos or Dolls) are usually little pieces of plastic, with colors and/or numbers that callers use to help write choreography and dancers use to help learn calls.

    Many Square Dance Badge makers sell checkers.

    I use checkers sold by Ed Foote. His snail mail address is:

    (he does not have E-Mail)

    ID: 17
    Computer Program to show calls
    I'm looking for a computer program that I can use on windows 98 to show mainstream thru advanced square dance calls.

    Would the program show the call being done - or just the final position?

    I am going through mainstream lessons now.

    I don't really know of any such programs. My program does not do animation. I know of a program for the Mac that does animation thru Plus.

    I suggest that you check out the animations on the web. My page is http://www.ceder.net/csds/movdan4.php and it contains links to several other web animations, some of which are rather good. I believe that one of the animations might actually sell a CD with all the animations on it.

    ID: 280
    Dance camp
    I teach a dance/music camp every summer. This year, I have chosen an sort of "Americana" theme and am very interested in including some square dance. Can you point me in the correct direction?

    Check out the 'Dancing for Busy People' web site --- http://www.d4bp.com/. There is information on square dances, mixers, contras, and line dances.

    ID: 375
    Instructional tapes
    Do you have any instructional tapes for mainstream and plus? Our friends have a small group, no caller.

    Sorry, but I do not have any instructional tapes.

    There are some VIDEO tapes available at http://www.squaredancevideos.com/

    Also contact R & R Video International; 3649 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023 EMAIL: randrvideo@aol.com

    You can probably find some AUDIO instructional tapes at http://www.supremeaudio.com/

    Ed Foote might have also have produced some tapes.

    ID: 75
    Magnetic figures
    I want to get our square dance caller 6 magnetic figures so he can play with hexagon squares. Where can I purchase them?

    I would think you'd need 12 :-) magnetic figures, not 6, to play with hexagon squares.

    I don't know of any place to buy them. You might try Dosado.com. I glued magnets onto regular square dance checkers and use a metal board for a background. A square dance badge maker should be able to make you a set of checkers to which you can attach magnets.

    last modified: 26-March-2007   ID: 665
    We are trying to learn some square dances. (Virginia Reel and etc.) We have a CD that has the music but we are hoping to find a video or something that can show us the actual lay outs and moves.

    We are homeschooling and we were hoping to teach this to our kids and the other homeschoolers as a fun way to exercise. Thank you.

    We have some cue sheets for some dances in our online Record Database.

    For instance, the Virginia Reel is located at http://www.ceder.net/recorddb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=623

    Our Links Database contains links to other sites,

    In particular, we have a link to Products, one of which is a Video company, http://www.ceder.net/links/view.php#sub500.

    last modified: 21-May-2007   ID: 22
    Sets In Order
    I am looking for old "Sets-In-Order" year books that have the calls in them. Where can I find them?

    Sorry, but I'm not sure what the 'year books' are.

    Sets In Order used to produce 8"x8" 'dancer handout' books that had call definitions and photographs of dancers at various stages executing the calls. (BTW, the pictures were taken at our local university, U.C.S.B.). Is this what you are referring to?

    Sets In Order also used to produce a yearly 33 & 1/3 Vinyl Record Album with featured callers, which I believe sometimes listed the choreography used. Is this what you are referring to?

    ID: 448
    Two Couple C1 Tapes
    Please send us any information you may have on how we can order some C1 dance tapes for two couples only. Thanks.

    Try the following sources for C1 two-couple dance tapes:

    1. Dick Cook (RHC Enterprises) in Sacramento, CA. He sells tapes for several callers. http://www.quiknet.com/~rhc/
    2. I believe that Wayne Alexander has produced some two couple tapes.

    ID: 287
    Video tapes
    We're MS-dancers from Germany and would like to join a new Plus-class. To prepare ourselves, I am looking for a video tape with Plus-level. A German dealer told me, that there are none available here. He could not order any in the USA. But if I could find one, I must be sure that it is for PAL-colour.

    Where can I find such a video tape?

    Looking in the most recent American Square Dance magazine, I found the following sources for video tapes:

    1. Gold Star Video Productions; PO BOX 215734; Sacramento CA 95821
      EMAIL: 1goldstar@netscape.net
      WEB: http://members.xoom.com/GOLDSTARVP/
      This vendor's ad explicitly states that they have PAL format.
    2. R & R Video International; 3649 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023
      EMAIL: randrvideo@aol.com
    3. Ed Foote Videos from Dave Garlock, 2107 Shunk Avenue, Alliance, Ohio 44601

    I hope this helps.

    ID: 18

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to E-mail Vic at

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