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  1. Baron's
  2. gluten-free
  3. How do I get our chocolate company added to your database?
  4. What is your method of selection?
    Could you please tell me how much cocoa content is in a Baron's chocolate bar that is sold at Dollarama stores for 2 for 1.00? Thank you.

    Thank you for contacting us. We have only tasted one Baron chocolate bar: http://www.ceder.net/chocolate/viewsingle.php?RecordId=344 If this is the bar you speak of, when we tasted it the label read 45% cacao. We are in California, and to my knowledge, there are no Dollarama stores here, so I don't know exactly what you're seeing. Most chocolate bars these days are putting the percentage cacao right on the label, so try to find that.

    Failing that, you could attempt to contact Baron's. They are a Polish company, but have a website that is available in English that has contact information. Best of luck.

    last modified: 08-May-2013   ID: 704
    I think you are the best place in the www to find out if there are gluten-free chocolates in the market. I am looking desperately for gluten-free choc.

    For example, the chocolates: J.D.Gross .

    I live in Greece and near my neighbourhood there is a LIDL where I find these chocolates.

    Is it possible for you to find out if they are gluten-free so that people (children) who can not tolerate gluten can eat them.

    Most all pure chocolate is gluten-free. Unless other ingredients are added, pure chocolate can be simply cacao and sugar. Frequently additional cacao butter is added and often lecithin and/or vanilla. But that is all. It also depends upon the equipment that is used to process the product. If equipment is used that produces other products that do have gluten, then the chocolate could have traces of gluten in it. Both J.D. Gross chocolate bars that we have tried have had the following warnings on the label: "May contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds and milk solids."

    Unfortunately, in this increasingly litigious society manufacturers are covering themselves by putting "may contain traces of..." just about every allergen that there currently is, putting the onus on consumers to read the wrapper and make the decision. It does not sound like there is a potential of gluten in this chocolate, or they would most likely have put that on the label as well. Take care.

    last modified: 24-May-2008   ID: 702
    How do I get our chocolate company added to your database?
    Hi, I work for XXX, an Italian chocolate manufacturer. We would like to be added to your database, can you tell me how the process works?

    We only list companies that produce chocolate bars. (candies, bon-bons, and such don't count)

    Before we list a bar, we obtain it. We then taste it and rate it. We have not yet encountered your products anywhere. You could either send us some samples, or indicate where your products can be obtained in the USA.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   ID: 732
    What is your method of selection?
    Can I ask about your method of selection?

    As it states on our website:

    • We are primarily interested in Dark Chocolate,without extras such as milk, nuts, fruits, or flavorings.
    • We avoid bars containing coffee or artificial sweeteners.

    We travel a fair amount, so we are always on the lookout for different things we have not yet tasted that fit that criteria. Occasionally, we hear about new things from others, like Jay Olins who collects chocolate bar wrappers.

    Once, we had a guy from Finland contact us telling us that he has a chocolate tasting group and he tries to get different chocolate for them to taste, but it is hard for him, so we started trading chocolate for chocolate of stuff that he had trouble obtaining, and stuff that we wanted that we had trouble obtaining.

    More often than you'd think, we have been contacted by chocolate makers wondering why their products were not on our website, and we explained that we only put up bars that we have personally tasted, so occasionally, chocolate makers have sent us their products!

    And, then there's the "Cookie Man" in Denmark. He is a square dancer (our travels directly revolve around square dancing, since my husband is a very good square dance caller and he is hired all over the world) who brings chocolate chip cookies (and other types of cookies) to all the dances he attends. But he has a hard time finding chocolate chips in Denmark, so whenever we travel to Denmark, we bring him tons of chocolate chips, in exchange for which he gives us chocolate bars. His choices are often not things we would choose to buy for ourselves, and hence you'll find some of the chocolate makers in our database have only one or two entries. These are typically things that the "Cookie Man" has given us and we often rate them fairly low.

    Then, we think about seasons. Because we live in southern Central California, there is a very warm period of the year during which we cannot order chocolate for fear of damage from the heat during shipment. So, if something comes out during one of those periods and is a limited edition and is gone before we can safely get it shipped, we miss out. Yes, there is cold pack shipping, and yes, we avail of that when necessary, but in general, it has to be a very special bar for us to order in summer.

    last modified: 15-May-2016   ID: 772

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