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Ceder Chest Definition Books
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  1. Are your diagrams easy to visualize?
  2. Bring us some books!
  3. Diagrams for flash cards
  4. Do you have a Plus book?
    Are your diagrams easy to visualize?
    Does your C1 / C2 Ceder book have diagrams of the calls suitable for visualizing them?

    The diagrams in our Ceder Chest definition books consist of little squares with noses and an identifying letter within the square. There are no arrows showing body flow. The diagrams are just before, during, and after pictures (with zero or more 'during' pictures, depending upon the complexity of the call).

    Our web-based definitions are similar to the definitions in our book.

    For example, look at the web-based definition of Linear Action: http://www.ceder.net/def/linearaction.php

    By the way, all of our A1, A2, C1, C2, C3A, and C3B definitions are available on the web.

    ID: 288
    Bring us some books!
    I was talking to some advanced dancers and told them about your new Advanced book. When you come to call for us this April were you planning on bringing some copies, or should I tell them to just order them and pay for the postage or something else?

    They can do any of the following:

    1. Order it now, pay postage, and have it mailed to them.
    2. Buy it from me when I get there, assuming I'm not sold out.
    3. Send me an E-mail a week or two before the dance, and I'll bring a copy reserved especially for them.

    I never know how many of each book to bring, so I just throw a few in the suitcase and hope they get sold. It works best if dancers specifically request specific books before I leave on my trip.

    ID: 450
    Diagrams for flash cards
    In your Ceder Chest C1 - C2 you give credit for development of the diagrams in the document. I am working on a set of flash cards and would like to work up my own diagrams. Is it possible to find out how yours were done or to get the appropriate macros, etc.

    The diagrams used in our books are TeX macros. You would have to format your cards (or at least the diagrams) using TeX (a text formatting system). There is a PC version of TeX (I think it's about $150) For more information,  contact Debbie.

    On the other hand, the Ceder Chest Definitions on the web located at http://www.ceder.net/def.php are made with color GIFs. These diagrams were generated via our CSDS program (which produces bitmap files) and a graphics program such as MS Paint (to convert the bitmap files into GIF format). CSDS can also generate bitmap diagrams in black & white, with or without couple numbers. To use the CSDS program to create diagrams, you must first purchase the program (the demo version is $25, the full version is $200). The demo version has no restrictions on creating graphics. To generate diagrams, first create a sequence starting from a squared set, entering calls to get to the desired position, then select a menu option to create a bitmap file. It's easy (so far I've done almost 3000 diagrams for our web definitions).

    last modified: 05-July-2011   ID: 96
    Do you have a Plus book?
    I am also interested in your definition books (Plus?, A1/A2). I saw some remark on your webside about PLUS, but it seems that you do not have a definition book for Plus - do you?

    We do not currently have a definition book for the Plus level.

    Our future plans include writing a book to cover Mainstream and Plus.

    ID: 486

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to E-mail Vic at

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