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Other Questions
  1. Administrator Functions
  2. E-mail -- E-mail grabbing webbots
  3. E-mail -- Hiding addresses from spammer bots
  4. How do I get a User ID?
  5. PHP
  6. Reciprocal links
  7. Your background
    Administrator Functions
    We are working in a project about DBA (Data base administrator) and CRM (Customer relationship management) for a web site. I have a question. What are the administrator functions?

    'Administrator functions' is the name of a web-page on our website.

    The page contains functions that clean-up, compact, edit, and backup our web-based database tables. We also have other functions helpful to maintaining a web site such as functions to create indices, links to web-based documentation, a way to send E-mail, a way to view files uploaded to our site, and a way to do mass E-mails.

    Most of the functions on the administrator page are password protected so that web surfers can not execute the functions.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   ID: 112
    E-mail -- E-mail grabbing webbots
    Do you know if E-mail grabbing webbot scan the raw file (at least the one returned by the server, even after PHP processing) -or- the resultant file that's generated after things like Javascript has been processed?

    PHP just returns an HTML file. The processing is all done by the server. The webbots can scan the entire resulting file, but not the original PHP file.

    Using javascript might work, as long as the E-mail addresses are not stored as xxx@yyy.zzz. That is, many webbots scan the entire file for strings of the xxx@yyy.zzz format. If you use some other character instead of the at-sign, you can then use javascript to replace that character with an at-sign. That'll probably work.

    ID: 363
    E-mail -- Hiding addresses from spammer bots
    I'm trying to assist the web master of a site for a computer club of which I'm a member. We have a great many e-mail addresses listed (forwarding types). As you might expect the spammer bots have picked up some. On your web site I noticed that you have a scheme in place to thwart the bots. Could you point me to a resource where we could get some how-to info. Thanks.

    The trick is to hide E-mail addresses behind a form submit. That is, the user must press the submit button on a form in order to view an E-mail address.

    This trick works because web spiders follow links but do not submit forms.

    ID: 344
    How do I get a User ID?
    I am a long-time dancer now interested in calling. I love your site and resources and would like to know what I need to do to get a user id. It does not seem obvious on the site.

    If you wish to enter data into one of our databases (e.g., list yourself as a caller or cuer, add your club), just fill out the appropriate form, enter your choice of a 4-character PIN, and then press the 'Add New Record' button. The 4-character PIN can be used to make future edits to that database record.

    To obtain a User Key for one of my computer programs, you must purchase the program.

    last modified: 26-March-2007   ID: 666
    I see you make use of extensive PHP files.

    I would be curious what type of database system you're using and how much of your PHP files are custom vs. generic from other sites.

    Any insights into your design would be intriguing.

    Most of our web site is under PHP4.

    We use MySQL under PHP4 as the database system.

    One reason I started our web site was to learn a better way to do web-based databases. I had a project at work using a Mustang WinServer, Bluestone Sapphire Web, and an Oracle 7.3 database. I wasn't happy with how it all worked (primarily with the WinServer), so I started playing around with MySQL/PHP.

    I'd say over 95% of our site is PHP instead of HTML.

    About 90% of the PHP scripts are custom written by me.

    I use three 'freeware' PHP applications:

    Table Viewer

    The first two applications are for database administrator functions, although I had to write a few such functions myself (primarily backup and restore functions).

    WebExplorer is a nice alternative to FTP.

    A few times a year, I look at some of the PHP resources listed on our tools page ( http://www.ceder.net/tools.php ) for PHP scriplets that might be useful.

    PHP is excellent for including files, accessing databases, doing redirection, creating files, and all other sorts of server-side CGI tasks.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   ID: 345
    Reciprocal links
    Hi. I'm a caller, and my web site is nearing completion. I would very much like to include a link from your site to mine. Would that be OK with you? I'd also like you to link to my site. You've got a great site with important (and cool) information to share.

    The best thing to do is to add yourself to our Caller and Cuer Database by filling out the form at http://www.ceder.net/callerdb/new.php

    This will automatically create a page on our site for you similar to http://www.ceder.net/callerdb/viewsingle.php?RecordId=393

    This will also automatically place your web site on our list of 'Callers with Web Sites' at http://www.ceder.net/callerdb/caller_web_sites.php

    As for our Links page, http://www.ceder.net/links.php, I only list sites that I deem contain significant and important information.

    ID: 364
    Your background
    I'm also curious as to your background. I'm going to guess you have a programming background (or that you're an active S/W developer).

    I'm a software systems engineer, with a mathematics degree.

    ID: 346

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to E-mail Vic at

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