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Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS)
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  1. Color and two-sided printing
  2. Date does not appear
  3. Formation pictures not displayed
  4. How do I print a sequence?
  5. Music database
  6. Primary header
  7. Printing all sequences in a specific database
  8. Resetting print list
  9. Sequences with embedded graphics
    Color and two-sided printing
    I use a color printer but when I go to font properties in the print screen I have no color. Am I missing something? Also, I print on both sides of the paper and find it difficult to print only even or odd pages.

    Color printing and double-sided printing are not implemented. This is primarily because I do not have a color printer or a printer capable of printing on both sides. Hence, I have no experience programming for one. Most likely, you may be able to print on both sides by modifying the printer properties via the printer dialog box (click the 'Properties' button).

    In the meantime, sequences can be written to a text file that can be imported into your favorite word processor, and from there, you can set the print properties as you'd like.

    To export sequences into a text file:

    1. From the main menu, select 'Sequence' followed by 'Print sequence(s)'.
    2. In the 'Format' field (dropdown list), select 'One text file'.
    3. Click on the 'Print' button, and you will be prompted for an output file pathname.

    ID: 43
    Date does not appear
    I am using version 1.11.00 of CSDS. When printing a sequence, the date written does not appear only a blank box in the upper left-hand corner. I have tried several different fonts types and sizes. This changes the "YES" under "Proofread" and changes the size of the box, but nothing prints in the box. Can you help me?

    I assume that you are printing sequences via the 'Print Sequence(s)' window with 'Format' set to 'Normal'.

    The 'Date, proof status' button within the 'Fonts' frame controls the font name and font size for the date field. Click on that button to bring up the 'Font' selection dialog box. Be sure that a font is actually selected in the left-hand side of the dialog box. Most likely, this field is currently blank, since CSDS defaults to trying to use the 'Roman' font which unfortunately is not found on all Windows systems (this is dumb, of course, and I should change it someday). In any case, click on an existing font name to select it. Then select a desired size, and click the 'OK' button. Make sure that the data under the 'Date, proof status' button now reflects the selected font name.

    Hopefully this should fix the problem.

    Another possibility is that the sequences you are trying to print are 'old' (written using a much older version of CSDS), and the date format in the database may no longer be valid. Try writing a new sequence and printing it and see if the date is printed.

    last modified: 30-September-2008   ID: 321
    Formation pictures not displayed
    I just upgraded my computer from Windows ME to Windows XP pro I have reinstalled CSDS 1.14.04 When I print the sequences - I get (#formation#) - I do not get the 'picture' of the formation that I used to get - What am I doing wrong?

    First of all, make sure that within 'Sequence | Print sequence(s)' you have Format = 'RTF Color'. Using Format = 'Normal' (the default) does not print graphics.

    Formation pictures within a sequence are not actually stored in the sequence itself, rather the pictures are stored in a separate file. When you changed computers, you may not have copied this file. To restore the pictures, see http://www.ceder.net/faqdb/view.php?section=1&category=34#rec385

    See also http://www.ceder.net/faqdb/view.php?section=1&category=5#rec409

    ID: 447
    How do I print a sequence?
    How do I print a sequence?

    There are several ways:

    1. From the 'Edit Sequence [Graphics]' screen, right-click on the sequence text box. This displays a pop-up menu with a 'Print' option. Select it, and the sequence will be printed.
    2. From the CSDS main menu, select 'Sequence' followed by 'Print sequence(s)'. In the 'Print list' box, list all the sequences that you want printed (click the 'Help' button to see how the text in this box must be formatted). There are several different print formats available via the 'Format' dropdown list -- 'Normal' and 'RTF Color' are the most commonly used formats.

    ID: 184
    Music database
    Would it be possible for you to incorporate or make for me a program that prints out all the songs in my music database with only Name of Song, Producer and Number? I don't want all the stuff in the database like it prints out now.

    You can do this now.

    1. Go to 'Music | Edit Music Database'.
    2. Use the filter to display the items you want in the grid.
    3. From the menu, select 'Edit | Report...'.
    4. In the resultant dialog box, in the 'Fields to Output', only check the 'Title', 'Label', and 'Label #' fields.
    5. Select a destination (to file, or to printer).
    6. Press the 'OK' button.

    ID: 555
    Primary header
    Where does the 40 point title text come from when printing sequences? One of my sequence databases printed out a big "PLUS" centered at the top of every sequence, another database printed nothing in this space?

    The title is the 'Primary Header'. The font name and font size can be changed by clicking the 'Primary header' button in the 'Print Sequences' screen.

    The 'Primary Header' can be set via a somewhat convoluted process:

    1. From the main menu, select 'Sequence' then either 'New sequence' or 'Edit sequence' (this will work for both the 'graphics' and 'text' versions).
    2. Highlight the desired sequence database
    3. From the menu (upper left-corner), select 'Database' followed by 'Properties'.
    4. Click on the 'Printer' tab.
    5. Edit the 'Primary Header' field. You can also edit the 'Secondary Header' field if desired. For example, if the sequence database contained A1 singing call sequences, put 'A1' in the primary header, and 'singing call' in the secondary header.

    The primary header is limited to 6 characters, and the secondary header is limited to 20 characters.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   ID: 45
    Printing all sequences in a specific database
    I have been writing sequences, and they are saved as *.seq files. Is there anyway to bring them up as a Word file for editing? How about a way to print all the sequences in a particular file? If there are 10 sequences in a file, I only know how to print each sequence one at a time.

    1. From the main menu, select 'Sequence | Print sequence(s)'.
    2. In the Print List (the large edit box),
      1. Clear the list (from the menu, select 'Edit | Clear list');
      2. Enter the name of the sequence database ('A1' ?);
      3. On the next line, indent at least one space, then enter the range of sequences to be printed (e.g, '1-10,15' will print sequences 1 thru 10, and 15).
    3. Select desired format from the 'Format' dropdown list. ('Normal' will print one sequence per page).
    4. If desired, enter up to four lines for your 'Name and address'.
    5. Click the 'Print' button, and the sequences will be printed.

    If you wish to edit the sequences in Microsoft Word, then do all of the above steps except, for step #3, select 'One text file'. In this case, all of the sequences will be written to a text file.

    Note: Formation pictures are not printed via this section.

    last modified: 25-May-2006   ID: 73
    Resetting print list
    I tried to print 44 sequences from 6 databases in the print list. I got a virtual call error and had to reboot. When I went back to print the sequences, they were not in print list. I could not find an easy way to get them back into the print list. I went to each sequence and edited it so I could check the 'in print list' box. This seemed awkward. Is there a better way to reset the print list ?

    The print list field is a text box that can be edited.

    From the main menu, select 'Sequence' followed by 'Print sequence(s)'. Click within the 'Print list' field (the large white box at the top of the screen) to edit this region.
    For example, to print sequences 10 to 15 from database C3ASEQ and sequences 1, 4, and 10 and beyond from database A2SEQ, enter the following in the print list field:

    Note that the sequence database names start in column 1, and lists of sequence numbers start in any column other than column 1.

    ID: 44
    Sequences with embedded graphics
    Can you add to the Wish List: Printing Sequences with graphics (instead of seeing #???# tags)? When printing out sequences that display with embedded "Insert Formation" graphics, the graphics don't actually print. It would be really helpful to be able to print what I can view on the screen. Using screen-capture to get the embedded "current formation" images is pretty tedious.

    To print imbedded graphics, you can do one of the following:

    1. From the main menu, select 'Sequence | View';
    2. Navigate to the sequence to be printed.
    3. Click on the 'Print' icon, or right-click on the sequence text and select 'Print' from the pop-up menu.


    1. From the main menu, select 'Sequence | Print sequence(s)';
    2. In the 'Format' dropdown list, select 'RTF Color';
    3. Specify the sequences to be printed within the 'Print List'
    4. Click the 'Print' button

    ID: 409

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