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  1. All 8 Swing Thru / All 8 Swing & Mix
  3. Component ButtonVdc.ocx or one of its components...
  4. Couldn't open mixer
  5. Database GETOUT has no sorted records
  6. Definitions of Calls and Concepts
  7. Half Half Half Sashay
  8. Microsoft Updates (XP SP2)
  9. More than 30 SEQ databases specified
  11. MyAsc error
  12. Only one instance of CSDS may be active at a time
  13. Parse Database Upgrade error.
  14. Run Time Error 384
  15. Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
    All 8 Swing Thru / All 8 Swing & Mix
    The input "All 8 Swing thru" yields the CSDS warning "The text string does not contain a call" Is that worth a fix?

    To fix the All 8 Swing Thru | All 8 Swing & Mix problem,

    1. Goto http://www.ceder.net/csds/ftp/
    2. Right click on 'SQPARSE.DAT'
    3. Select 'Save Link As' (in Firefox) or 'Save Target As' (in Opera or MSIE)
    4. Save the file to C:\SQDATA\SQPARSE\SQPARSE.DAT  (answer 'Yes' to Overwrite?)

    Alternative fix:

    1. Run CSDS, and from the main menu select 'Parse | Parse Database | Edit'
    2. Delete the following four entries
      1. All 8 Swing Thru
      2. All 8 Swing and Mix
      3. All 8 Left Swing Thru
      4. All 8 Right Swing Thu

    last modified: 16-July-2007   ID: 675
    I've downloaded the latest update to CSDS, but when I click it I receive this dialog:

    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

    See http://www.rdpslides.com/pptfaq/FAQ00642.htm
    or http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;324767

    last modified: 23-June-2006   ID: 583
    Component ButtonVdc.ocx or one of its components...
    I just upgraded my CSDS. Now it will not run. I get the following message:

    Component ButtonVdc.ocx or one of its components not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

    What do I do now?

    You probably did the wrong upgrade.

    Use the 'complete release' upgrade instead of the 'executable only' upgrade.

    ID: 595
    Couldn't open mixer
    When I installed the program on my Desktop everything works well but, when I installed on my Laptop ( IBM Thinkpad 770x ) I get a message: "Couldn't open mixer. Return code =8"

    The player works OK but the "Mixer Tab" is greyed out.

    Can you tell what the problem might be and how I can correct it. Keeping in mind that I am only moderately computer knowledgeable.

    I looked into the problem last week. Unfortunately, I don't have much of an answer yet. Error code 8 is "The mixer device did not process the message", which indicates that the mixer (the master volume controls) either isn't installed, or perhaps there is more than one 'device' installed.

    I recall several years ago, another CSDS user had a similar problem. I believe he was also using a Thinkpad!

    This is what he says:

    I tracked the problem down to a Plug and Play C Audio Video card. The error message was annoying but didn't cause any functional problems.

    I ended up uninstalling the Drivers for the Card and the problem was resolved.

    Another work around was to leave the PCMCIA card installed. This also allowed me to load the program without any errors (But only on one configuration) Another option is to create a second configuration that does not have the audio card in it's configuration.

    This error is really only just an annoyance. Since CSDS can't control the mixer, it simply greys-out the appropriate controls on the music player.

    As of CSDS 1.15, there is a 'preference' that disables this error message from appearing. Goto 'System | Settings... | Music' and check the 'Disable error message 'Unable to Open Mixer' checkbox.

    ID: 430
    Database GETOUT has no sorted records
    Sorry to bother you, but I have a small problem I've updated to your latest version of the choreo program. Each time I open the program it tells me the get out database has no sorted records and I should sort it as soon as possible. I do that each time and the program seems to work OK, but I suspect this isn't the way you have designed the program. Do you have a thought as to why it might be happening and what you might suggest I do?

    I did download again the most recent executable file and re-install it, but that didn't solve the problem.

    It would help if you gave me the exact error text that you receive.

    I.e., is it...

    WARNING: Database GETOUT has no sorted records! The database should be sorted as soon as possible.

    If so, this error message has two causes:

    1. The database is empty. In which case, perhaps this is why you get the error message each time. The GETOUT database is C:\SQDATA\SQUAREDB\GETOUT.DAT. Make sure that the file exists, is not of size 0, and isn't read-only.

      From the CSDS main menu, select 'System | Status'. What does it say about the GETOUT database?

    2. The database has no sorted records. This might happen if the database was somehow corrupted, or if the first record in the database had a incorrect key value. Sorting the database should fix the problem.

    You might try deleting file C:\SQDATA\SQUAREDB\GETOUT.PNA (note the file extension is PNA not DAT). This is the index file for the database. If CSDS detects that this file does not exist, it will re-create it.

    Check for file C:\SQDATA\GETOUT.UPG. This is the upgrade file for the getout database. It is written when you do the 'complete release' upgrade. The file should be automatically deleted by CSDS after it upgrades the database. If, for some reason, it was 'read-only', perhaps CSDS couldn't delete it. If this file exists, you could try deleting it.

    As a last resort, you could do the following: (note: doing this will delete any GETOUT records you may have added to the database)

    1. Delete your GETOUT database (delete GETOUT.DAT and GETOUT.PNA from C:\SQDATA\SQUAREDB).
    2. Place a copy of GETOUT.UPG in C:\SQDATA.
    3. Run CSDS.

    ID: 412
    Definitions of Calls and Concepts
    Clicking on "Definitions of calls and concepts" in menu "other" leads to the following failure message:

    Web Definitions Index File
    Version 2 is required.

    Then the window of "Definitions of calls and concepts" opens. But not a single definition is available. Isn't it implemented properly yet or do I need a newer version of WebDef.inx?

    Go to http://www.ceder.net/csds/ftp/

    Download the following 4 files into C:\SQDATA\DEFINITIONS

    1. CsdsActiveX.CAB
    2. CsdsActiveX.HTM
    3. WebDef.dat
    4. WebDef.inx

    Or, you can delete these 4 files from C:\SQDATA\DEFINITIONS, then do an install of the latest complete release.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   ID: 648
    Half Half Half Sashay
    I have updated to the newest version 1.20.0 and there seems to be a bug with "sashay" any version of the call that I key in comes up with "HALF HALF HALF SASHAY" and then it won't perform the call because it reports the error call not found. I have tried a few different calls that have the word sashay in them and it happens everytime.

    It sounds like you've tweaked the abbreviation database.

    Goto 'Parse | Abbreviation database | Edit' and delete the bad entry, if you can find it.

    If not, you can

    1. delete the abbreviation database and re-install a 'complete release' of CSDS; or
    2. send me your abbreviation database and I'll fix it.

    The abbreviation database is c:\sqdata\sqabbrev\abbrev1.db

    last modified: 26-March-2007   ID: 649
    Microsoft Updates (XP SP2)
    I downloaded the latest Microsoft update this morning and now CSDS is doing the same thing it did a couple of weeks ago after downloading the last MS update. the same error messages, crashes, etc. I'm getting ready to go through the entire re-install process for CSDS again. Isn't anyone else experiencing this phenomenon?

    Yes, other people have experienced this problem.

    And, yes, it is due to the Microsoft update (Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)).

    Microsoft has changed the interface to the Media Player. This causes CSDS to 'crash' when it tries to do a Rewind. I spent a lot of time this weekend with another CSDS user on the phone, debugging this problem. I don't think that re-installing CSDS is the correct solution. The problem is that the CSDS interface to the Media Player is based upon the Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control, and apparently there is now a Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control.


    The recommended fix to this problem is to change the Player within CSDS.

    Open the CSDS Music Player, select the 'Player' tab, and then select the 'Windows API' player. This is the player that I wrote, and should basically do everything that the Windows Media Player does. Another option is to install Winamp and PaceMaker 1.32, and select 'Winamp' as the player.

    ID: 552
    More than 30 SEQ databases specified
    As you may know, during the winter months I have a workshop every week here in FL. I use the same dance and keep adding new 'stacks of cards' to the dance as others deplete. Well, the season is over and I want to mark all of the cards that I used, (in the hundreds).....well, I get an error message as follows:

    Error on Line XX - more than 30 seq Databases specified.

    In fact I have 41 different ones.

    Is there an easy way around this? I suspect it would require you to make a change in the program.

    Sorry, but I can not fix this problem due to a program design flaw. It would take a incredible amount of work, and a redesign of some databases.

    That being the case, the best work around is to create two (identical) dates, one which stores the data for the first 30 sequence databases, and one which stores the data for the other sequence databases.

    ID: 545
    From the CSDS main menu, select 'Dance' followed by 'New'.

    At this point, I should have the 'Edit dance' screen but I received the following error message:

    Execution Error "339"
    The component MSCOMCT2.OCX or its reliably related one is not registered adequately. The file is not existed or wrong.

    Please advise.

    The most likely cause of this error is that you upgraded with an 'Executable Only' upgrade when you needed to do a 'Complete Release' upgrade.

    Because of this, I recommend you do a 'Complete Release' upgrade, as you may experience other similar errors.

    For a quick fix this problem, you can download MSCOMCT2.OCX from http://www.ceder.net/csds/ftp/

    MSCOMCT2.OCX should be saved in folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.

    ID: 575
    MyAsc error
    After installing the latest version of CSDS, I received the error message of "MyAsc Error" and I had to click "OK" twice. I deleted and reinstall it and downloaded the current version, but I could not fix this problem.

    Please advise as soon as possible how I could eliminate this error message.

    To help me resolve this problem, I need to know the entire text of the error message. In particular, I need to know the numeric value that is contained within the parenthesis.

    The form of the error is
    MyAsc Error: X (N)
    where X is a character, and N is a numeric value.

    By the way, this error is non-fatal. It is only an annoyance. It does not adversely affect the CSDS in any way.

    last modified: 25-May-2006   ID: 359
    Only one instance of CSDS may be active at a time
    If I try to then run CSDS again, I get the error message ONLY ONE INSTANCE OF CSDS MAY BE ACTIVE AT A TIME

    Only one copy of CSDS may be running on a computer at any given time.

    Sometimes, if CSDS crashes without properly exiting, the operating system hasn't cleared some interval values, and you may receive this message.

    If this message occurs and you do not have another copy of CSDS running, you must re-boot your computer before running CSDS again.

    ID: 360
    Parse Database Upgrade error.
    Since the last update 13.115 i have the following Error:

    ParseDatabaseUpgrade error: Parse database is not sorted.

    In addition, after skipping this message, csds loading proceeds but does not run. It just vanishes.

    I believe the fix is as follows:

    1. Delete file C:\SQDATA\sqparse.upg
    2. Start CSDS, then
      1. from the main menu, select 'Parse | Edit parse database'
      2. Make a change to the database - any change (e.g., Delete '#2 Zing 1").
      3. Close the Window, Saving changes. This will sort the parse database correctly so that the next time you do a complete release, the problem will not occur.

    last modified: 24-May-2013   ID: 757
    Run Time Error 384
    I just downloaded version 1.16.03 and installed it and now I'm getting the following error when switching songs in the Quick List. "Run Time Error 384 A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized" When I click on OK, the program shuts down to the windows screen. Any Ideas?

    This bug has already been fixed in CSDS 1.16.04.

    It happens because the Quicklist has been moved to past the left or top edge of the screen.

    To fix this problem (until 1.16.04 is released),

    1. Start CSDS;
    2. Close the Music Player if it is active;
    3. Bring up the Quick List, normalize it (click on the two squares button between the minimize (underscore) and close ("X") button in the upper right corner of the quick list window;
    4. Drag the quick list so that it is in the middle of the screen.
    5. Click the maximize (square) button.

    You may also need to repeat this procedure for the History List and the Load From Database windows.

    ID: 530
    Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)
    I installed Windows XP SP2 on my laptop. Tried to run CSDS music player, gave error message saying Microsoft updated version has caused Windows Media Player to no longer be useable.

    Am I losing something here? Is there a way to get Windows Media Player to download. Do you have another recommend way to do it. I can use windows API for tonight (like one hour from now). Just want to know what is best for future.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft, in all their infinite wisdom has changed the interface to the media player. I have spent several hours trying to fix the problem, but to no avail. The error message you received is mine. The best I can do at this time is to detect the problem, output the error message, and change the current player to the Windows API player.

    The Windows API player should behave the same as the the Windows Media Player.

    In the long run, the best player to use with CSDS is Winamp 5.x. I also recommend the PaceMaker 1.32 plug-in. You should pay the $9 registration fee for the PaceMaker plug-in, or it will occasionally display a dialog box beneath CSDS, and when that happens it appears that CSDS has hung.

    By the way, another user upgraded to SP2 and discovered that he can no longer install CSDS because a necessary component (cscmd32.ocx) now fails to register. I just love Microsoft! This little problem is likely to cost me about $200 for an upgrade and cause me several hours of work. Grrr...

    ID: 549

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to E-mail Vic at

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