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 Please only submit information if you are the event organizer. 


  • Please use both uppercase and lowercase letters when filling out this form. Do not use all caps.
  • Fields marked by '(required)' must be filled in. All other fields are optional. If you do not feel comfortable including personal information such as your home address or telephone number, please do not do so. All fields except for the PIN field can be viewed by anybody.
  • Edit the data then press the  button located at the bottom of the form.

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If your club is not listed above, please have a club representative add it to our Club Database

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When entering names (Callers, Cuers, etc.), please follow the
rules given below. Doing so facilitates automatic database
links to profiles in the Caller and Cuer Database.

  • Use commas to separate names. For example:
    Bob Smith, John Doe.
  • Do not use 'and' to separate names. For example,
    Bob Smith, and John Doe is not desirable.
  • Use parentheses to include optional extra information
    such as where the caller/cuer is from. For example:
    Bob Smith (Germany), John Doe (California).
  • Names should appear exactly as they are listed in the
    Caller and Cuer Database.  See List of Names

Callers  (use commas to separate names)

Cuers  (use commas to separate names)

Contra Prompters  (use commas to separate names)

Line Dance Prompters  (use commas to separate names)

Directions  (How to get to the event)

Contact Information  (Who to contact concerning the event)

Other Information  (Any other pertinent information related to the event)

Booking Contact Information
(contract details - This field is not displayed.)

Personal Identification Number (PIN) (required):
(must be exactly 4 characters)

Please remember your PIN as it is used to verify your identity when you edit your record.

Pick an easy to remember number such as
  • the year you were born;
  • the day and month you were born; or
  • the last 4 digits of your social security number.

  • The PIN field may also contain (case-sensitive) alphabetic characters.
  • To change your PIN, just type a new PIN in the field above.
  • If you forget your PIN, Contact Debbie

E-Mail Contact (required)

This field is required so that the database administrator can contact you in case there are any questions about the data.

This field is not normally displayed with the data, and when displayed, it is text-only (not a hyperlink).

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