Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Triple Diamond Concept [C3A]
Triple Diamonds consist of three adjacent Diamond formations some of which have positions occupied by phantoms. EN: 10

The two most common types of Triple Diamonds are illustrated below. EN: 20

Triple Diamonds:
Regular Triple Diamonds... EN: 30
  and Point-to-Point Triple Diamonds

Triple Diamonds are analogous to EN: 40
Triple Boxes [C1] and Triple Columns | Lines | Waves [C1].

Triple Diamond Flip The Diamond

Triple Diamond calls are (4 or less)-dancer calls, requiring you to work only with the dancers in your Diamond. For historical reasons, some callers use 8-dancer calls such as Diamond Chain Thru. In this case, each dancer must select one of the other Diamonds to work with. This is accomplished by selecting the Diamond nearest you or, if you are equidistant from both Diamonds, select the Diamond you are facing. In today's nomenclature, the use of 8-dancer calls from Triple Diamonds should be given as 'Triple Diamonds Working Together...EN: 50

Triple "Z" CONCEPT [C4]:
Three adjacent "Z" formations. EN: 260

Triple "Z"s

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