Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Triple Column | Line | Wave Formation [C1]

A Triple Column | Line | Wave is the name of a formation consisting of three adjacent 1 x 4 formations (Columns, Lines, or Waves) some of which contain phantom positions. Work with the dancers and phantoms within your 4-spot formation. Keep track of the phantoms and allow space for them upon the completion of the call. There should be a total of 12 dancer | phantom positions before and after each call.

Triple Columns | Lines | Waves
Triple Columns | Lines | Waves
(Infrequently used)

Each 1 x 4 is either a

Column, Line,  or Wave
(R-H Wave shown)

Triple Wave Swing Thru
1/2 by the Right
1/2 by the Left
Triple Column Pass & Roll
Triple Wave Recycle

The outside Triple 1 x 4 could also be perpendicular to the Center 1 x 4 (infrequently used).


Triple Diamond Concept [C3A]: Triple Diamonds consist of three adjacent Diamonds, some of which contain phantom positions.

Triple Diamonds
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