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Track {n} [C3B]
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Track n -- [C3B]
   (Dick Bayer a Gus Greene 1976)

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From a Completed Double Pass Thru. EN: 10

Tandem Partner Trade;

Extend n times. EN: 20

Toto je výchozí formace
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  • Track n can only be done from a Completed Double Pass Thru. It is inappropriate to call Track n from formations such as Parallel Waves or Mini-Wave Columns. EN: 30
  • Note: Track is used as a Tagging callEN: 40

Track 2 [Plus] (Dick Bayer 1976):
From completed Double Pass Thru. Tandem Partner Trade; Extend twice. Ends in Parallel R-H Waves. EN: 359
Z formace Double Pass Thru. Tandem Partner Trade; 2x Extend. Končí v Parallel R-H Waves. CZ: 359

Choreography for Track n

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