Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
{anything} To A Wave [C1]
Do the anything call, omitting the final Extend or Step Thru. Optionally, the caller could say Hold The Line | Wave to mean the same thing. EN: 10

Some callers use the phrase To A Line instead of To A Wave if the (designated) dancers are to stop in a Line. For example, from Columns: Checkmate The Column, Last Two To A LineEN: 20

Here is a partial list of calls (C2 or below) that might be done To A WaveEN: 30

Flip Back (Centers) Load The Boat (Centers) Percolate (Outsides)
Scoot Back Scoot Chain Thru Square Chain The Top
Square Chain Thru Square Thru Tag Back To A Wave (Centers)
Transfer The Column (Centers) Vertical Tag Back To A Wave (Centers)  

Scoot Chain Thru To A Wave:

Scoot Chain Thru To A Wave
Scoot Back (Centers) To A Wave:

Scoot Back
(Centers) To A Wave
(Note that the Outside dancers
are not offset, but have adjusted
so that they are centered) EN: 40

Square Chain Thru To A Wave [C1]:
From Facing Couples (or R-H Wave). Square Thru but on the 2nd hand Left Swing Thru 1 & 1/2. Ends in a L-H Wave. EN: 78

Some callers use the phrase 'To A Wave' in a strictly "helpful" manner (e.g., from a 1/4 Tag, Extend To A Wave when merely Extend would have sufficed). The phrase 'To A Wave' is also used to tell the dancers to not re-establish a distorted formation (e.g., Stagger Transfer The Column To A Wave). In these cases, the callers are not using the anything To A Wave CONCEPTEN: 50

The following calls (C2 or below) contain the phrase 'To A Wave' but are not part of this concept: EN: 60

any Tagging call Back To A Wave Circle To A Wave Cross Roll To A Wave
Dixie Style To A Wave Dosado To A Wave Right | Left Roll To A Wave
Single Circle To A Wave Step To A Wave Walk Out To A Wave -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.