Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts

From a Double Pass Thru or a R-H 1/4 Tag.

Centers Pass Thru, Right | Left Turn To A Line and Spread to become #1 (Very End) and #3 in a Tidal Line as others Step Ahead and Veer Right | Left to become #2 and #4 in a Tidal Line.

Strut Right

  • If two directions are given, the original Centers take the first direction and the original Outsides take the second direction. If only one direction is given, everybody takes that direction.
  • The Centers always pass Right shoulders even if the call is Strut Left. The caller should say Left Strut Right|Left if a Left shoulder pass is desired.
  • If your given direction is Right, then you must end as a Beau (i.e., you want to end as if you are in a Right-hand Tidal Wave); Similarly, if your given direction is Left, you must end as a Belle.

Hint: The original Outsides should not move until the Centers have almost completed their part of the call, so that sufficient space is available for the Outsides to execute their part.

Single Strut Right | Left (And Right | Left) [C3B] (Lee Kopman 1977): From a Single Double Pass Thru, a Single R-H 1/4 Tag, or other applicable formations. Centers Pass Thru, Single Right|Left Turn To A Line and Spread as the others Step Ahead and Single Veer Right|Left. Usually ends in a Wave or Line.

Single Strut Right And Left
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