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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Square Chain Thru [A1]
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Square Chain Thru -- [A1]
   (Buford Evans 1965)

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From Facing Couples (or a R-H Wave). EN: 10
起始队形为 Facing Couples (或右手 Wave). CH: 10

  1. Right Pull By 并做 1/4 In;
  2. Left Swing Thru;
  3. Left Turn Thru.

Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 20
结束队形为 Back-to-Back Couples. CH: 20

Square Chain Thru
 Right Pull By 并做 1/4 In
 Left Swing Thru
 Left Turn Thru

Alternate definition: EN: 30
另一个定义: CH: 30
Square Thru but on the second hand Left Swing Thru 1 & 1/2; Step Thru. EN: 40
Square Thru, 但在第二手时 Left Swing Thru 1 & 1/2; Step Thru. CH: 40

  • Don't rush this call. It's a long call, and has many parts. It requires cooperation and teamwork. EN: 50
    不要仓促地做这个口令. 这是一个长的口令, 有好几个部分. 它需要相互协作和团队合作. CH: 50
  • Square Chain Thru ends in Back-to-Back Couples. As such, be sure to end back-to-back with the dancer with whom you do the Left Turn Thru. EN: 60
    Square Chain Thru 结束于 Back-to-Back Couples. 因此, 要注意与最后做了 Left Turn Thru 的舞者站成背对背. CH: 60
  • Upon completion of the call, join hands with the adjacent dancer to form a Couple. EN: 70
    临近口令完成时, 与相邻的舞者拉手形成 Couple. CH: 70
  • When teaching Square Chain Thru, We've found that a hard part is for the original Beaus to wait while the original Belles Right Arm Turn 1/2. If you're an original Beau, stay in place and wait for the original Belles to Trade, then do the Left Turn Thru. EN: 80
    Square Chain Thru 教学的过程中, 我们发现一个较难的地方是, 当原本的 Belles 在做 Right Arm Turn 1/2 时, 原本的 Beaus 需要等待. 如果你是原本的 Beau, 当原本的 Belles 在做 Trade 时, 就呆在原地等待其做完, 然后再一起做 Left Turn Thru. CH: 80
  • Square Chain Thru starts like a Square Thru [Basic]. As such, use alternating hands (Right Pull By and 1/4 In, then get ready with the Left-Hand for the Left Swing Thru). EN: 90
    Square Chain Thru 开始的动作很像 Square Thru [Basic]. 因此, 使用的手是交替的(做右手的 Pull By, 并 1/4 In, 然后准备好左手做 Left Swing Thru). CH: 90
  • As with all Turn Thrus, be sure to step Back-to-Back with the other dancer when you're done. Look behind yourself to verify that you are lined-up and back-to-back with that dancer. If not, adjust so that you are! EN: 100
    对于所有的 Turn Thru 来说, 要注意做完动作时与另一位舞者站成背对背 . 看一下自己的身后, 确认相互是站成了背对背. 如果不是, 就要调整好! CH: 100
  • The end result of Square Chain Thru is the same as Lead Right [Basic] or Wheel Thru [A1]. EN: 110
    Square Chain Thru 的最终结果是和 Lead Right [Basic] 或 Wheel Thru [A1] 一样. CH: 110

Left Turn Thru [Mainstream] (Wayne Moyers 1964):
From Facing Dancers or a L-H Mini-Wave. Left Arm Turn 1/2 then (drop hands) and Step Thru. Ends in Back-to-Back Dancers. EN: 73
起始队形为面对面的舞者或左手 Mini-Wave. Left Arm Turn 1/2, 然后 (放开手) Step Thru. 结束队形为背对背的舞者. CH: 73

Left Square Chain Thru [A1]:
Start with the Left hand (i.e., Left Pull By and 1/4 In; (Right) Swing Thru; Turn Thru). EN: 74
以左手开始(即, Left Pull By 并1/4 In; (Right) Swing Thru; Turn Thru). CH: 74

Split Square Chain Thru [A2]:
From an applicable T-Bone 2 x 2, or other applicable formations. Those who can Right Pull By and turn to face the inactives; all Left Swing Thru; Left Turn Thru. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 75
起始队形为可适用的 T-Bone 2 x 2, 或其他可适用的队形. 可以做的舞者做 Right Pull By, 然后转向未做动作的舞者; 所有人做 Left Swing Thru; Left Turn Thru. 结束队形为 Back-to-Back Couples. CH: 75

Square Chain Thru To A Wave [C1]:
From Facing Couples (or R-H Wave). Square Thru but on the 2nd hand Left Swing Thru 1 & 1/2. Ends in a L-H Wave. EN: 78
起始队形为 Facing Couples (或右手 Wave). Square Thru, 但在第二手时做 Left Swing Thru 1 & 1/2. 结束队形为左手 Wave. CH: 78

Square Chain The Top [C1] (Al Appleton 1972):
From Facing Couples (or a R-H Wave). Right Pull By and 1/4 In; Left Spin The Top; Left Turn Thru. Ends in Back-to-Back Couples. EN: 76
起始队形为 Facing Couples (或右手 Wave). Right Pull By 并 1/4 In; Left Spin The Top; Left Turn Thru. 结束队形为 Back-to-Back Couples. CH: 76

Grand Square Chain Thru [C4]:
From Eight Chain Thru (or Parallel R-H Waves). Right Pull By and 1/4 In; Grand Left Swing Thru; Left Turn Thru. Ends in Back-to-Back Lines. EN: 77
起始队形为 Eight Chain Thru (或 Parallel 右手 Waves). Right Pull By 并 1/4 In; Grand Left Swing Thru; Left Turn Thru. 结束队形为 Back-to-Back Lines. CH: 77

参见 Split [Square Thru] CONCEPT [C1] 并做 anything To A Wave CONCEPT [C1].

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