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Single File Recycle | Recoil [C3A]
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Single File Recycle | Recoil -- [C3A]
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Single File Recycle [C3A]:

From a Single Double Pass Thru. Centers act as Beaus while Ends act as Belles to do a facing Recycle (i.e., Centers Touch and Right-face U-Turn Back as Ends Veer Left to become the Ends of a R-H Wave). EN: 10
Från en Single Double Pass Thru. Centers agerar Beaus medan Ends agerar Belles för att göra en facing Recycle (dvs, Centers Touch och U-Turn Back åt höger medan Ends Veer Left för att bli Ends på en R-H Wave). SE: 10

Single File Recoil [C3A]:

From a Single Double Pass Thru. Single File Recycle; Step & Fold. Ends in a L-H Mini-Wave Box. This is a 2-part call. EN: 20
Från en Single Double Pass Thru. Single File Recycle; Step & Fold. Slutar i en L-H Mini-Wave Box. Detta är ett 2-delars call. SE: 20

Single File Recoil
Single File Recycle
Step & Fold

Single File anything [C4]:
From a 1 x 4 Column (usually a Single Double Pass Thru). Do the anything call with the Centers acting as the dancers who would (in the 2 x 2 version of the call) be the first to reach the Center of the 2 x 2, and the Ends doing the other part of the call. EN: 293
Från en 1 x 4 Column (vanligen en Single Double Pass Thru). Gör anything callet där Centers gör det de dansare skulle göra (i 2 x 2 versionen av callet) som först når mitten på denna 2x2 och Ends gör den andra delen av callet. SE: 293

Single File Chase Right

Single File Flutter Wheel

Single File Reverse Flutter Wheel

Note: Nowadays, some callers use Single File on calls such as Dixie Style To A Wave, Dixie Sashay, and Dixie Diamond in order to specify that the starting formation is a 1 x 4 instead of a 2 x 2. Historically, callers have used terms such as On The Double Track or Each ColumnEN: 30
Notera: Nuförtiden använder en del caller Single File på call som Dixie Style To A Wave, Dixie Sashay och Dixie Diamond för att specificera att startformationen är en 1 x 4 i stället för en 2 x 2. Historiskt har caller använt termer som On The Double Track eller Each ColumnSE: 30

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Choreography för Single File Recycle | Recoil

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