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Single Checkmate [C3A]
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Single Checkmate -- [C3A]
   (author unknown)

$B8@8l(B or                 All   
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From a 2 x 2. EN: 10
2 x 2 $B$+$i!%(B JP: 10

Leaders Box Circulate twice and 1/4 In (Box Transfer) as Trailers Box Circulate, 1/4 In, and Box Circulate. EN: 20
Leaders $B$O(B Box Circulate twice $B$r$7$F(B 1/4 In (Box Transfer) $B$r(B, Trailers $B$O(B Box Circulate - 1/4 In - Box Circulate $B$r$7$^$9!%(B JP: 20

Ends in a 2 x 2. EN: 30
2 x 2 $B$G=*$o$j$^$9!%(B JP: 30

Single Checkmate

Single Checkmate


  • Original Trailers can not Roll. Single Checkmate is the Single version of Checkmate The Column [A2]. Note that on Checkmate The Column, the Trailing two cannot Roll since their last part is to Step Ahead. EN: 40
    $B%*%j%8%J%k$N(B Trailers $B$O(B Roll $B$G$-$^$;$s!%(B Single Checkmate $B$O(B Checkmate The Column [A2] $B$N(B Single $B$N%P!<%8%g%s$G$9!%(B Checkmate The Column $B$K$D$$$F$b(B, Trailing two $B$O:G8e$N%Q!<%H$,(B Step Ahead $B$J$N$G(B, Roll $B$G$-$^$;$s!%(B JP: 40
  • Single Checkmate has historically been known as Split Checkmate when done on each side and Box Checkmate when done in the center or from a Box. EN: 50
    Single Checkmate $B$O(B $BNr;KE*$K(B, each side $B$G9T$&$H$-$O(B Split Checkmate $B$H%3!<%k$5$l(B, center $B$"$k$$$O(B box $B$G9T$&$H$-$O(B Box Checkmate $B$H%3!<%k$5$l$F$-$^$7$?!%(B JP: 50
  • Cheat: Box Counter Rotate 1/4; Box Circulate. This cheat emphasizes that only the original Leaders can Roll. Some other glossaries list a similar cheat (Box Circulate; Box Counter Rotate 1/4) which makes it seem as if everyone can Roll. EN: 60
    Cheat: Box Counter Rotate 1/4 $B$r$7$F(B, Box Circulate $B$G$9!%(B $B$3$N(B cheat $B$O(B, $B%*%j%8%J%k$N(B Leaders $B$@$1$,(B Roll $B$G$-$k$H$$$&$3$H$r$O$C$-$j$5$;$^$9!%B>$N;qNA$K$O(B, $BF1$8$h$&$J(B cheat (Box Circulate; Box Counter Rotate 1/4) $B$,$"$j$^$9$,(B, $B$=$l$G$OA40w$,(B Roll $B$G$-$k$h$&$K;W$($F$7$^$$$^$9!%(B JP: 60

    Checkmate The Column [A2] (H.P. Williams 1975):
    From Columns. First Two Circulate 4 spots & 1/4 In as Last Two Circulate twice, 1/4 In, & Circulate. Normal Columns end in Parallel Two-Faced Lines. EN: 295
    Column $B$+$i!%(B $B;O$a$N(B 2 $B?M$O(B Circulate 4 spots $B$r$7(B 1/4 In $B$r(B, $B8e$N(B2$B?M$O(B Circulate twice - 1/4 In - Circulate $B$r$7$^$9!%(B $BIaDL$N(B Column $B$+$i$O(B, $BJ?9T$J(B Two-Faced Line $B$G=*$o$j$^$9!%(B JP: 295

    $BSingle CONCEPT [C3A,C3B,C4].

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