Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Shazam [C2]

From a Mini-Wave (or Facing Dancers).

  1. Arm Turn 1/4;
  2. U-Turn Back.

Ends in an opposite-handed Mini-Wave.

Shazam is a 2-part call.

Arm Turn 1/4
U-Turn Back

  • The U-Turn Back is toward your partner (i.e., Roll twice).
  • Shazam can also be done from facing dancers: Touch; Arm Turn 1/4; U-Turn Back. This usage is rarely encountered nowadays.
  • Shazam is defined with an Arm Turn 1/4, not a Hinge. It is inappropriate to call Shazam from a Couple.
  • Shazam is an 'Any Hand' call. It can start with either the R-H or the L-H. Many years ago, several callers considered Shazam to be a R-H call (hence, from a L-H Wave, only the Centers would be active!).

anything Like A Shazam [C2V]: Do the anything call; U-Turn Back. The last part of the anything call is usually an Arm Turn.

Follow Thru Like A Shazam
Follow Thru
U-Turn Back
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