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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Scoot Chain Thru [A2]
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Scoot Chain Thru -- [A2]
   (Vince Di Caudo 1971)

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From Parallel Waves: EN: 10
Leaders Split Circulate as Trailers Extend, Swing, Slip, Swing, & Extend. EN: 20
Ends in Parallel Waves. EN: 30

From a 1/4 Tag: EN: 40
Extend, Swing, Slip, Swing, & Extend.
Ends in a 3/4 Tag. EN: 50

From Parallel Waves:

Scoot Chain Thru
Leaders Split Circulate as
Trailers Extend & Swing
Centers Slip
Centers Swing & Extend
From a 1/4 Tag:

Scoot Chain Thru

  • Styling: From Parallel Waves, Leaders can slowly do their Split Circulate and then clap hands while the Trailers work in the middle. EN: 60
  • There are two different starting formations for Scoot Chain Thru. Parallel Waves is the most common starting formation. Therefore, be careful when starting from a 1/4 Tag formation since the call feels different. EN: 70
  • From a 1/4 Tag, everyone does the 'Trailers part' as if they started from Parallel Waves. Be sure to end in a 3/4 Tag formation: Centers reform the center Wave, and Outsides slide together to form a Couple. EN: 80
  • When the starting formation is Left-handed, be sure to do the Left-hand version of the call, ending in a Left-hand formation. EN: 90
  • Scoot Chain Thru is often cued as "Extend, Swing Thru, Turn Thru". EN: 100
  • Only the original Leaders from Parallel Waves can RollEN: 110
  • Think about what would happen (from Parallel Waves) on a Scoot Chain Thru 1 & 1/2EN: 120

Swing [A2] (Lee Kopman 1966):
From a Wave or other applicable 4-dancer formation. Ends and adjacent Centers Arm Turn 1/2. EN: 416

Slip [A2] (Lee Kopman 1966):
From a Wave or other applicable 4-dancer formation. Centers Arm Turn 1/2. EN: 417

Scoot Chain Thru To A Wave [C1]:
Do a Scoot Chain Thru omitting the final Extend. Outsides (if any) slide together to end as a Couple. A 1/4 Tag ends in Parallel Waves; Parallel Waves end in a 1/4 Tag. EN: 418

Scatter Scoot Chain Thru [C1] (Jack Lasry 1971):
From Parallel Waves. Leaders (all 8) Circulate as Trailers Scoot Chain Thru. Ends in Parallel Waves. EN: 419

any Tagging call Chain Thru [C3A]:
Do the any Tagging call to the 1/2 Tag position; Scoot Chain Thru. Ends in Parallel Waves. For example, a Tag Chain Thru is a 1/2 Tag; Scoot Chain Thru. EN: 25

Cross Scoot Chain Thru [C4]:
From a 1/4 Tag. Cross Extend ('Extend to the wrong hand'), Swing, Slip, Swing, and Extend. Ends in an opposite-handed 3/4 Tag. EN: 420

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