Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Round Off [C4]
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Round Off -- [C4]
   (Manny Amor 1966)

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From Parallel Lines. EN: 10

Face Out; In Tandem U-Turn Back (toward the center of the set). EN: 20

Ends in a Double Pass Thru formation. EN: 30

Note: The Tandem U-Turn Back is done using a wide loop as in Cloverleaf. EN: 40

Round Off

Round & Cross [C4] (Fred Christopher 1968):
Round Off and Half Sashay.

Dancewise, the movement is "blended" - that is, the Half Sashay is done before the Round Off is completed. EN: 635

Round The Horn [C4] (Lee Kopman 1974):
From Parallel Lines. Ends Round Off and Pass Thru as Centers Face Out, Split Counter Rotate 1/4 (2/3 Round Off) and Pass Thru. Ends in a T-Bone 2 x 4. EN: 636

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