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Revolve To A Wave [C3B]
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Revolve To A Wave -- [C3B]
   (Jim Davis 1979)
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From a non T-Bone 2 x 2. EN: 10
Från en icke-T-Bone 2 x 2. SE: 10

Trailers do their part of a Facing Recycle as the Leaders (as one movement) do their part of a Mini-Chase and Hinge. EN: 20
Trailers gör sin del av en Facing Recycle medan Leaders (som en rörelse) gör sin del av en Mini-Chase och Hinge. SE: 20

Ends in a R-H Wave. EN: 30
Slutar i en R-H Wave. SE: 30

Revolve To A Wave


  • The Leader's part feels like the Outside's part of a Rally [C3A]. EN: 40
    Leaders del känns som Outsides del av en Rally [C3A]. SE: 40
  • From a L-H Mini-Wave Box, don't get tricked into doing a Split Recycle. EN: 50
    Från en L-H Mini-Wave Box, luras inte in i att göra en Split Recycle. SE: 50

Cheat: Leaders Right-face U-Turn Back; all Facing Recycle. EN: 60
Fusk: Leaders U-Turn Back åt höger; alla Facing Recycle. SE: 60

Choreography för Revolve To A Wave

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