Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Recoil [C3A]
From an applicable non T-Bone 2 x 2.

  1. Box Recycle;
  2. Step & Fold.

Ends in a Mini-Wave Box. This is a 2-part call.

Box Recycle
Step & Fold

anything Like A Recoil [C3AV]: Do the anything call; Step & Fold.

Single File Recoil [C3A]: From a Single Double Pass Thru. Single File Recycle; Step & Fold. Ends in a Mini-Wave Box.

Box Recycle [C1]: From Facing Couples, a Mini-Wave Box, or a Box consisting of one R-H Mini-Wave and one In-Facing Couple. Those who are a Couple do your part of a (Facing) Recycle as those in a Mini-Wave do a Leaders Trail Off as Trailers 1/2 Box Circulate and U-Turn Back by turning toward the Center of the 4-dancer formation. Ends in a Wave.

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