Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Rally [C3A]
From Generalized 1/4 Tag or other applicable formations.

Centers Step & Fold, Peel & Trail as Outsides 1/4 Right, Counter Rotate 1/4, and Inward (Right or Left) Roll To A Wave.

A Generalized 1/4 Tag ends in a Tidal Line. This is a 2-part call for the Centers.

Centers Step & Fold
as Outsides 1/4 Right & Counter Rotate 1/4
( after Little)
Centers Peel & Trail
as Outsides Right Roll To A Wave

Scoot & Rally [C3A]: From a 1/4 Tag. Scoot Back; Outsides 1/4 to the handhold, Counter Rotate 1/4 and (Leaders) Inward (Right or Left) Roll To A Wave as Centers Step & Fold and Peel & Trail. Ends in a Tidal Wave.

  • Rally is a Little [C1] followed by Centers Peel & Trail as Outsides Inward Roll To a Wave.
  • Historically, callers have called Rally from Twin Diamonds (expecting the Outsides to 'go As You Are'). It is our opinion that when Rally is called from Diamonds, the caller should explicitly say something like 'Outsides go As You Are' or 'Centers Start A' so that the outsides do not start with a 1/4 Right.

Rally But anything [C3A]: Centers Replace the Peel & Trail with the anything call.

Rally But Walk & Dodge
Outsides Rally
as Centers Step & Fold
( after Rally But Nothing)
Centers Walk & Dodge

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