Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Phantom Concept [C1]

The idea for the Phantom CONCEPT is to overlap two sets of Parallel Columns | Lines | Waves at 90° to each other, filling in the blank spots with "ghost dancers."

Do the given call working with imaginary dancers (i.e., Phantoms). Assume that the Phantoms are in whatever position, have whatever facing direction, and are of whatever sex is necessary in order to execute the given call. The call is then danced with both the dancers and the Phantoms participating. Keep track of the Phantoms that you are working with and reserve space for them at the completion of the call.

From this formation...


imagine you are here


imagine you are here

In the above diagrams, thedancers and their Phantoms work independently of thedancers and their Phantoms.

These are all of the phantom spots. Sometimes you need to
envision this formation...
 and other times you need to
envision this formation.

Phantom Circulate:

Phantom Circulate

Phantom Checkmate The Column

Typical calls done Phantom at C1:

Acey Deucey Flip The Line Split Circulate
Ah So In Roll Circulate Split Counter Rotate 1/4
Bend The Line Mini-Busy Stretch Ah So | Turn & Deal | etc.
Cast A Shadow Mix Swing & Mix
Checkmate The Column Out Roll Circulate Trade Circulate
Circulate Pass The Ocean | Sea Trade The Wave
Couples Circulate 2/3 Recycle Transfer And anything
Crossover Circulate Recycle Turn & Deal
Explode The Wave | Line Reverse Explode Walk & Dodge
Ferris Wheel Right & Left Thru Wheel & Deal

Phantoms can also be used from other formations:

Centers Phantom Touch 1/4
Phantom Double Pass Thru
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