Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Outlet [C2]
From an applicable general 1/4 Tag.

Outsides do their part of a Facing or Split Recycle as the Centers do their part of a Facing or Split Recycle working on the diagonal with the outside dancers with whom the End of the Center Line is facing.

Ends in Parallel Waves.


  • The Very Centers work with the adjacent Ends (of the Center 4) in the direction toward which that End is facing.
  • Outlet can also be described as the End of the Center Line, holding onto the adjacent dancer, Veer Inward (to form Columns); all Split Recycle.
  • Be careful: Outlet and All 8 Recycle [C1] feel very much alike. A common dancer mistake is to do one for the other.
  • We believe that the caller must use the term Mirror Outlet or Left Outlet when the Centers are in a L-H setup and the outsides are both facing in. Some callers simply call Outlet from this setup and expect the Outsides to work Mirror.

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