Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
From Parallel Two-Faced Lines.

Leaders Any Shoulder Turn & Deal as Trailers 1/2 Circulate; Very Centers Hinge; and Flip The Diamond.

Ends in a 1/4 Tag.

Leaders Face In as
Trailers 1/2 Circulate

Original Leaders Step Ahead as
Very Centers Hinge

Original Leaders 1/4 In as
Centers Flip The Diamond


Keep Busy [C3A] (Lee Kopman 1977): From Parallel Two-Faced Lines. Leaders Couples Circulate With The Flow (Ends Walk, Centers Dodge) as Trailers 1/2 Circulate, Very Centers Hinge, Flip The Diamond, Step & Fold (Centers Step Ahead as Ends Fold). Ends in Parallel Waves. This is a 4-part call for the Trailers.

Turn & Deal [A1] (Colin Walton 1963): From any Line of 4. As one movement, 1/2 Tag then turn 1/4 in place toward your initial turning direction. Ends in a 2 x 2.

Any Shoulder anything [NOL]: Passing the most convenient (smoothest to dance) shoulder, do the anything call. I.e., from a R-H Two-Faced Line, pass Right-shoulders; from a L-H Two-Faced Line, pass Left-shoulders.

Flip The Diamond [Plus] (Deuce Williams 1973): From a Diamond. Centers do your part Diamond Circulate as Points Flip In (180°) towards the the nearest Center position. A normal Diamond ends in a Wave. -- Copyright © 2021 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.