Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Keep Busy [C3A]
From Parallel Two-Faced Lines.

Leaders Couples Circulate With The Flow as Trailers 1/2 Circulate, Very Centers Hinge, Flip The Diamond, Step & Fold.

Ends in Parallel Waves. This is a 4-part call for the Trailers.

Keep Busy
Leaders Couples Circulate
as Trailers 1/2 Circulate
& Very Centers Hinge
Outsides With The Flow
as Centers Flip The Diamond
& Step & Fold

Note: If you are a Leader, make sure the End dancer goes in front!

Mini-Busy [A2] (Ron Schneider 1978): From Parallel Two-Faced Lines. Leaders Any Shoulder Turn & Deal as Trailers 1/2 Circulate; Very Centers Hinge; Flip The Diamond. Ends in a 1/4 Tag.

With The Flow [C1] (Larry Dunn 1984): From Facing Couples. Dancers closest to the flow direction Walk (Circulate) as the others Dodge. Ends in a Mini-Wave Box. This call must be preceded by a call in which the dancers have some sort of turning flow (i.e., all dancers are moving in a Clockwise or Counter Clockwise direction). Any call that can be followed by Sweep 1/4 can also be done With The Flow.

See also Busy anything [C3B]. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.